The next party is right on the corner, and while some are enjoying the daily, the nights are filled with fun requiring a strong need of making a fabulous appearance.

That is why you will need the little black party dress that comes in different styles, thankfully to the beautiful trend setters. Here, we chose our top 5 attires for you to try this month. Most of these dresses can be found on Mark & Roberts so if you like any of them don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks buying yourself one or two.

1. Puffy Sleeves

One of the sleeve fashions that we see actually come with the off the shoulder dress effect, though not all follow the same trend. We have the puffed up looks there that add a sophisticated but fun edge to dresses, kind of like the black dress at The Row, and a whole lot more throughout as seen on the Victorian and romantic era dresses. What is the point of a London collection if it won’t include Old English sleeves anyhow? We saw these dresses appear on runway shows from J.W. Anderson to Simone Rocha’s black and white creations and everything in between. It was a whole lot of England this year.

2. Transparent

The idea is now to show off as much as possible instead of covering it all up. Our very favorites have beautifully appeared on the Shiatzy Chen runway show though, with some more regal affairs appearing at Valentino. And then of course there is the barely covered legs seen at Prada, despite the multiple layers on top. We have been seeing transparent looks from quite a while now so it comes as no surprise that we should be faced with translucent dresses, skirts and tops for the upcoming year as well. This includes floral prints from Marc Jacobs, crochet ensembles from Dolce & Gabbana and gorgeous sheer pantyhose with lovely designs as seen at Rodarte.

3. Asymmetrical Hemlines

While we have always considered symmetrical thing to be beautiful, we find great beauty in the perfect asymmetry of so many of the pieces featured on the different fashion shows for the fall and winter. What many fail to realize is that even in the asymmetry there is symmetry, as any form of geometric line, whether it be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, is still a line. The eyes will always find the diagonal fall of the skirt hems beautiful because there is symmetry in their asymmetry. Then again, they can fall in multiple layers like some within the DKNY show, which automatically reduces the appeal as much.

4. Romantic, Plunge-Neck

At ASOS, there is a gorgeous little black party dress that is all about the sheer blouson, the woven fabrics, the lined main and velvet trims. There is a keyhole button back, a fitted waistband in velvet and it is frilly and airy, swirling around the thighs. The best part though is that high neckline coupled with a deep plunge, something that effectively screams sexy but individualistic, stylish but charming all at the same time. It is well worth the money spent.

5. Embroidery

Embroidery and embellishments appear all over and really do make the artistic looks even more attractive. There was a whole lot of minimalism involved but at times the designers went for maximum effect, ensuring we know of and clearly appreciate their craftsmanship. We see this theme commonly at Antonio Marras with the gold on red, the gold on black coming into play at Fausto Puglisi. The embroidery looks amazing at Fay but it takes on a new meaning at Gucci. One cannot help but fall in love with each collection all over again after finding these treasures among the rest of the trends.

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