If you follow the WordPress trends without double checking, you will be doing something mainstream. Globally, more than 70% of the websites are now powered by WP. With all the free plugins and themes, a good part of those sites look too similar to each other. So how do we stand as a unique site, which is more likely to be noticed? What plugins and themes work well for making a WP site user-friendly, SEO-friendly and with high content marketing efficiency? Here are some of the templates and extensions working for 411 Locals

Masonry Layout

It is a Pinterest-like grid. The card-based layouts are easily seen on Pinterest, Dribble, Behance, Twitter, Facebook, G+ and so forth. This pattern slices your content and make it readable. It is also a mobile-friendly solution. With a structure like this, you can start your blog, online magazine, or e-commerce site with ease.

Parallax Scroll

This is the solution when you wish to create a header, or even a custom page with a scrolling parallax background by using only simple shortcodes. You only need to create the content needed for this specific post type. The admin page will display the shortcode that fits. You only need to toss the code into your page or post. Or else, implement the plugin straight into your theme or php code.

Animate It!

According to 411 Locals, this plugin allows you to apply CSS3 animations on posts, widgets and pages. Visual storytelling is crucial for every modern portfolio, so you can benefit from the dynamic behavior of Animate It! The effects include bouncing, fading, flipping, rotating, pulsating and more. The plugin is highly praised in every ultimate guide to web animation.

Divi: Universal & Creative WP Theme

It is one of the most popular themes and definitely the most creative one issued by elegant themes club! Great designs, thousands of clients, customer care and quite affordable price keep them ahead of the competition. Divi is the latest template. It carries the legacy of the past brilliancy and brings it to a whole new level.

Oshine: Best Universal WP Theme For 2016

Since its release last year, Oshine has several thousand customers and over 18 demos. The true quality of this theme lies in its countless options to present your portfolio. It has a smooth design with clean typography and great layouts. The flexibility of this theme makes it perfect for all types of small businesses. The master Slider and Slider Revolution plugins are implemented in the theme for free. The updates are at one-click reach and also free.

WordPress has become a huge platform that makes it very easy for even untrained users to build a website. However, it does take time and a detailed eye to create a unique, astonishing site. For those of you who can’t afford spending hours in front of the computer choosing the right colors, creationg the right headlines, or adding the right pictures, 411Locals offers the best solution. All you have to do is give us a call. We’ll handle the rest.

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