It is summer! What are your latest mens beachwear essentials?

Wait… Are you kidding?

You have not packed for your summer getaway, yet?

Nothing to worry about. Here are our list of 5 simple latest mens beachwear essentials for this summer..

1. Cool straw hats
Get the sexy Latino cowboy look and preen all you may. Wax it and flaunt it. That hat will not only do you a favour from getting sun burned but it’ll frame you face and make your boyish grin the centre of attention ! I mean it. Get this one.

You can get it as big as the honcho or as little with a thin brim. You can get it in brownish straws or light colored ones. I would highly recommend a straw Fedora hat! Whatever that enables you to push from one to zero capacity lean mean summer Romeo.

2. Get a designer stubble, grow a moustache and go all Cuban army look – another Latin influence

Ever notice the old army of yesteryears with the macho moustaches, neatly tended and oiled ( I can cry from the painstaking care into making the moustache looks like it does, its too much a sacrifice, but the result is just wallah!). Get a designer stubble! Get a gleaming white teeth to go with it too yeah, just as an insurance. A little stubble to go with the carefree attitude of the summer craze. It spells fun

3. Yes, men designer sunglasses.

Try all sorts of colors. All types of shapes! Experience life! It IS Summer, just so you know.. ;) Yes, we’re not talking about just the Ray Bans and Aviators.

Why not go all quirky and eccentric, try never before seen colors and see the reaction from your friends. Make sure the colors go with you skin range and the out of this world shape also fits your face type. Maybe a Wayfarer? Experiment all you may but be weary of your do’s and don’ts. You still want to live it all out, but intelligently classy too. Way to go Summer guys!

4. Yes, some LOUD colored shirt.
Yes you are allowed to wear your crew neck undergarments or even V neck for that matter but while you’re at it why not splash some colors on it? Get neon shirts in lime green or hot piercing pinks (you shall be forgiven – its summer).

If your heart is with a little bit of edgy in line with some of Ed Hardy’s, go for that too. Just try your version of summer. Live it up with colours.

5. Yes, Canvas boat mens beach shoes .

Even better, get yourself a pair of Sperry Boat Shoes! They speak class yet casual! Get them in whites or white with stripes of navy blues or just navy blues. Just laid backed and ready to laze around the summer. It is comfortable and stylish! Nobody ever said you cannot be stylish on the beach! ;)

Finally, get out there with your perfect package of mens beachwear essentials, and enjoy the Sun, sand, sea, surf – in Style! Have fun! :D

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