This is the 3rd post in my series to give you the Keys to Unlocking Your Power and Presence as a Woman Leader.

What’s needed to create better work-life balance and well-being so you can shine more brightly? Here is the second step you need to know in order to expand your power and presence as a leader:

Step 2: Embrace Your Fears to Discover Your Passions.

Our fears are our own worst enemy. It’s often your lizard brain (better known as your Amygdala), which causes you to go into a state of fight, flight or freeze based on “perceived” dangers. Your job as the thinking modern day woman (versus the cave women that had good reason to fear the Saber-Tooth Tigers) is to consciously choose how you want to Respond versus React to the perceived threat.

When you start to embrace your dis-empowering fears and negative self-talk, it’s easier to release them, which in turn releases their power over You. Then you will be able to reclaim your voice and take back your power again. Allowing you to move forward with more confidence.

Few people understand that your greatest source of pain is actually your greatest source of power. When you confront the fears that hold you back, you can convert that energy into positive power, purpose and passion.

“Fear, when confronted, always dissipates into the nothingness that it is.”

~ Dr. David Rittinger

Question to ponder: What’s perhaps a different perspective you can take on a fear that you have? A perspective that’s more empowering and can get you moving forward again?

If you’re ready to unlock your power to achieve everything that is important to you, then email me tell me what you’re struggling with.

To your Success!


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Michele Molitor, founder of San Francisco Bay Area Nectar Consulting, is an executive coach, business consultant and speaker who is known for bringing clarity to business.

Working with smart, savvy women leaders, Michele assists her clients to Reclaim their Time, Energy and Purpose.

Specifically she helps them:

- Find their Voice
- Stand in their Power
- Contribute their Genius more Authentically
- Consciously Design their Thriving Career and Life

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