One of the most important responsibilities when taking care of dogs is keeping them healthy and happy. This includes making sure that their fur is clean and in good condition. Because dogs’ coat can greatly affect their overall health and comfort. Here are the key factors to maintain a healthy and shiny coat.

All dogs are beautiful no matter what their hair looks like. But as a fur parent, it can be frustrating to see your baby having coat problems. Like experiencing a dry and flaky fur or excessive shedding. More importantly, a healthy- and nice-looking fur is not just for appearance. It helps them regulate body temperature, protect them from cold weathers, and keep their skin away from dirt which may be carrying bacteria.

Unlike humans who may just have a bad hair day, dogs’ hair problems are more complicated than its appearance. Their coat condition can be an indication of health issues. Such as: diseases, allergies, nutrient deficiency, and parasites infestation to name a few. These health problems can be manifested by excessive hair loss, dry and flaky coat, and dull fur.

It is important to take care of dogs’ fur. Here are what you can do to help your pets maintain their healthy and shiny dog coat.

  • Providing a good diet – Nutrient deficiency can greatly affect pooches’ fur. They need sufficient amount of protein and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to maintain a healthy coat. Protein helps regrow loss hair from shedding. While the fatty acids help nourish the skin to secrete natural oils making the coat shiny. Feeding nutritious high quality dog foods ensures your pet is getting enough of the nutrients needed for a well condition fur.
  • Carefully Choosing a Shampoo – Some shampoos are too strong this can remove the natural oils in the skin. Leaving the fur dry or even falling Always go for gentle shampoos or better yet those with oat or olive oil to help nourish skin and coat. You can find shampoos for your specific need such as anti-tangled or whitening shampoo. Avoid using anti-tick and flees shampoos as they can cause hair dryness and dandruffs.
  • Regular Brushing – This helps remove tangled and fallen hair which prevents coat matting. A common hair problem mostly for long coated dogs in which their fur forms a mat on a dog’s body. This can spread to the whole body causing severe discomfort.
  • Avoid Excessive Bathing – Pooches do not need frequent bathing as they know how to groom themselves. They only need to bath once a month to allow the natural oils in their skin to nourish their hair and make it glow. Too much bathing can wash-out natural oils in the skin which can lead to dull and dry hair.
  • Protect Against Parasites – Make sure to deworm your pet regularly to avoid internal parasites. Worms in tummies can interfere with their absorption of essential nutrients needed for coat health. External parasites like mites, ticks, and flees can cause skin problems such as mange, scabs, and skin irritation. Causing fur dryness and balding.

These 5 factors should be enough to maintain a healthy and shiny coat. If not, I suggest talking to a vet as your pet might be having underlying health issues that need to be tested for to uncover.

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Isabella Whitmore is a dog owner and a volunteer foster fur parent for dogs who need a temporary shelter before they find their forever homes. She works at, an appliance website that offers all types of electric kettles.