Landscape architecture works well to add charm and beauty to a certain location. For example, Japanese garden prospers the relationship between Victoria and the Aichi Prefecture in Japan that perfectly reflects the natural beauty of their respective landscapes. Landscape architectures put a lot of working on the designs of the landscape. They take responsibility for specifications, design, environment management, keep track of the preservation and make the features better which are already present in the environment.

However, there are some amazing facts to know about while dealing with landscape architecture designs that you may not know till now- 

  • The source of the idea of landscape architecture: Did you know where does the lucrative and creative profession come into demand? According to ancient tales, Frederick Law Olmsted and Capability Brown started the profession in the 18th century. They are known as the pioneer of landscape architecture work. 

Moreover, landscape architecture was not a term to use until 1828. It was first seen in a little book called Landscape Architecture of Great Painters of Italy.

  • The term “Landscape” first used in painting: As it has been mentioned earlier, the term first came in the book, which was actually a dutch word, which was called “Lanschap”. While breaking up the term, the “land” denotes region and “schap” means the condition. With landscape paintings, the painter can highlight the beauty of nature while covering human and animals in little amount. While using different shades of colour the artist insert the light to the paintings to leave the painting with liveliness. When it comes to architecture, landscape denotes the distinguishing characteristics of natural features created by landscape architects in Melbourne for beautiful outdoors.
  • Australia is the capital of landscape architecture: Whether you know or not, landscape architectures are highly appreciated in Australia due to how it has transformed beautiful cities and coastlines into the artwork that are highly praised by tourists and locals. Even, with so many landscape architects, there is fact to surprise you that the country has the record of having the most number of national parks.
  • The most viewed landscape is in the image of our desktop screen: Yes, you read it right. The most visited landscape is the image photographed and used as the default background image for Windows XP. It is the image of a small field located in North California. Though it’s difficult to estimate the number of people who have been seen the image, according to the sources, the number will cross more than 1 billion.

A Specimen tree won’t live forever: You might have the dream of building a new house around a beautiful specimen tree, but it won’t go well for long. So, before you start, even before the designing step, talk to the arborist to find the health of the tree. 

  • Gravel and mulch are different from each other: You might be hesitating to use mulch in your garden to avoid the messy look due to the way it gets scattered across the patio and walkways. However, gravels as replacement is not a good option since it doesn’t provide nutrients to the soil.

So, next time when you will be travelling a worth-visiting place, take a moment to appreciate the landscape architectures for the way they have estimated the necessary factors for construction project management in Melbourne and delivered the best out of their ideas.

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Author is one of the fine Landscape Architects in Melbourne working for a leading firm and notably write about amazing landscaping ideas with years of experience in construction project management.