1) The Sum of 5
It has been said that you are the sum of five people you spend most of your time with. In other words, your friends, family or relatives that you spend most of your time with defines your character. A positive group of friends will encourage and influence you. So choose your friends wisely. If you spend most of your time with highly confident people, chances are that they will influence you in a matter of time without you even noticing it! So choose the five people whom you spend most of your time with wisely.

2) Everyone Needs a Leader
If you have not already noticed, majority of people that are successful have role models that they follow or look up to. They are inspired by their mentors success and they follow closely in their footsteps. No matter what you are doing, whether it is business, studies, sports, or your job, it is always easier to complete a task or learn something new when there is someone experienced teaching the craft to you.

3) Give Yourself a Reason
The mind works based on inputs and outputs. If you have positive things in your brain, you most likely will end up doing positive things and develop positive traits like confidence. Sometimes when you get off track, it is important to ask yourself questions on what was the reason you did this in the first place and why you must develop confidence to get back on track. Most people give up half way through whatever they are doing because they were so caught up in it that they forgot the reasons why they were doing it in the first place. A good idea will be to make a list of reasons why you are doing this, for whom you doing it for. This will give you something to fight for and when you get off track, just look at your list!

4) Tell Everyone!
I know this may sound slightly weird, but I found that by telling everyone my goals, I became more motivated to work towards my goal. Lets say if you are a businessman, you tell your friends that you will make your first million in 2 years, how would you feel if you did not achieve your goal? You will fear embarrassment. By telling everyone about your goals, you are actually giving yourself a date to accomplish it. It is like putting yourself in a 'do or die' situation. Even if you do not achieve your goals by that specific date, chances are that you will not be far from it. The best way is probably to tell people that you are closest to about your goals. That way you will work hard because you will not want to disappoint them.

5) Practice, Practice, Practice
Humans are creatures of habits. The human brain is easily molded like clay. All you need to do is persist at being confident. Results might not show up instantly, like a baby learning to walk, it takes persistence for him or her to finally walk!

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Hi there! I'm Matthew Watkinson from California, US. I have been a confidence coach for 16 years now. This page is set up to educate YOU about confidence and self-esteem in order to fulfill your potential to become someone you've always wanted to be!