Team building is all about motivating your employees to come together and perform as a team. If you want to keep this fun, you will have to bring in an element of innovation.

You have to plan new team building activities for every event. Not only should these activities be educational and enjoyable, they should also help you analyze the strengths, weaknesses and interests of your team members.

Have you run out of ideas? Here are a few innovative team building games you can check out:

Game of Possibilities

Fosters creativity and innovation

Collect a few random objects and give one to each person of your group. Now request each of them to address the group, one at a time, and demonstrate how they can use the object. The demonstration has to be done without speaking – using only gestures. Ask them to come up with original but wacky ideas. The rest of the team has to guess what the player is trying to demonstrate.


Helps team members focus on the positive side of their negative experiences

Divide the team into partners. Ask each team member to share one of their negative experiences with their respective partners. The experience could be personal or work-related. However, it has to be real. After this the experience should be discussed again, focusing only on the positive aspects. The partner has to explore the silver lining of the negative experience shared by the team member.

Scavenger Hunt

Improves productivity and speed

Divide the group into teams of two or more. Hand over to each of the teams, a list of goofy tasks to do. The tasks could be as simple as taking a picture of an object or building or taking a selfie with a stranger. Make sure you include a deadline to complete all the tasks mentioned in the list. The team that completes maximum number of tasks within the shortest span of time will be the winner.

The Mine Field

Improves listening skills and increases trust

This game is best played in an open space. You can use a park or the empty parking lot of your office. Place a few objects such as balls, bottles, and cones across the space. Divide the group into teams of two and have one of those two blindfolded. The blindfolded person has to move from one side of the open space to the other without stepping on any of the objects you have placed. In doing so, he will be assisted by his team member who can give him only verbal instructions. You can include some obstacles and even create specific routes to make it more interesting.

This is better than that

Improves problem-solving skills

Put together four or more different objects. Split the group into even teams. Give each team a scenario or a problem to solve using the objects you have chosen. The scenario/problem could be something like “What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island?” or “How would you save the world from Godzilla?”

You can check out Escape room Atlanta if you are looking for something more interesting than the above team building activities. The idea is to make sure your team members have a lot of fun, as they solve problems and overcome challenges.

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