A web portal offers limited access to a relevant group of people. The portal varies from industry to industry. The CRM data is displayed in an organized way and is also interlinked for easy access to users. As every industry has their own demands, you can always go for custom portal development. To understand how these portals work for different industries, let us discuss them one by one.

Education Industry

Educational institutes have information about students, teachers and the administration staff. Based on their roles, you can give different access to admins, teachers and admins.

The teachers will be able to do the following tasks:

Mark students presence
Manage their classes
Prepare schedule
Upload homework
Upload exam papers and results

Students would be able to do the following tasks:

Check their attendance
Submit leaves
Check homework and other important information
Check their marks
View any notice and announcements from the school

Admins can use portals to:

Manage students and teachers record
Manage fees of students
Manage teacher’s salary
Other papers and documents of school

Banking Industry

A bank has a lot of sensitive data to deal with. The portals give access to clients to their bank accounts. Only the client would be able to see their transaction and information related to their account in a secure manner. Here are some features that a banking portal has:

PIN generation in credit and debit cards.
Requesting a new cheque book
Managing loans 
Paying monthly bills
 Managing deposits

All the departments that a bank has can be brought together in a banking portal. Your customer would not have to go to multiple departments to get their work done. All the information will be available on the portal itself and you request any changes from there.

Real Estate Industry

Real estate industry has started adopting portals and have received a positive response. The main entity in this industry is admin, property owner, customer, and agents. The portal will eliminate the need to repeat the details of the property to potential customers. The portal can help you with:

Manage properties, agents, customers
List of properties with filters for users to search
Building transparency by showing profile of agents, properties and the property owner

Here are the features that your real estate portal will have:

Property management
Broker management
Property owner management
Advanced search bar
User specific features

This portal will save your customer from going to the place to see the house. They can have a 360 degree view of the house on their phones.

Healthcare Industry

Portals are the best way to manage data of patients from hospitals. The hospital can fill in all the data from a  patient's first visit to the hospital. The patients can view their prescriptions, pathology reports, CT scans and MRIs, etc. on the portal itself. The doctor can add a prescription on the portal itself so that hospitals do not get crowded. If in future, the patients have to visit the hospital, all the previous data like reports and disease history will be easily accessible to the doctors to refer to. The patents can clear their payments from the portal itself. Patients' families usually have to travel back and forth to collect reports, and make payments. But with the portal they would not have to travel to the hospital. This reduces the number of people coming into the hospital in person and it's the best In the times like covid.

Government Organization

Governments can offer their services online with the portal. This portal will have all the data of the citizens. Additionally, it will include all the services of the different departments. The citizens can request any issues they have to the government from the portal itself. It will also show the progress of the same. As every complaint and its progress will be updated real time and have digital evidence, the chances of frauds and lying about the work would reduce. Having portals will bring clarity to government operations.

Final Words

Depending on your customers you would have to consider different customer portal development. The portals help almost all industries to enhance the customer experience. It is one way to digitize your business and convert all customer interaction via a portal. The portal is a secure  platform to store and share sensitive data. If your business falls under these industries you must consider leveraging a portal.

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