Business Incubator is a term that had gained a huge popularity during the late 1970s. The Incubators basically provide their support to the new startup companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs with their expertise and other necessary assets to help them survive and succeed in the today’s highly competitive market. These organizations invest in your idea and in with that they drive huge returns as well.

Today, the world is filled with young entrepreneurs who come up with a good idea and dedicate their time to make a startup. But ample of times these entrepreneurs might not be successful due to many reasons, ranging from lack of experience, to lack of time and money. Many waste their time in search of an investor who would help them financially in developing their idea and launch it into the market. This is where the Incubator plays an angelic role in providing a safe place to develop ideas. Startups that are accepted in an incubator have almost 90% chance to survive. However, to be accepted in an incubator requires a lot of hard work and in most cases a functioning product. We have compiled the top 5 incubators that are accepting startups from around the world.

1.CSI kick-start: From mentorship to providing ample resources, efficacious tools and assets and directing you to meet the right investor, CSI has your back all the time. CSI is known for proving the new Start-ups with genuine investor and also suggests the other possible investor who might actually be interested in your idea. Apart from that, the Incubator also provides the human resources and other tools to the entrepreneurs to boost their productivity. To be accepted in the program, you should have a team and a functioning product with some revenue.

2.eFactory: The goals of this organization are raising the Start-ups, creating Job Opportunity and helping the rising small businesses. The Incubator provides many service, admin support, counselling services and equipment sharing. The services can be rendered through mail or virtual conference rooms through which they mainly mentor the people. It is located at Missouri state University and targets mainly the nearby Start-ups who seem good for the program goals.

3.Dream It Ventures: It is one of the most active Incubator in the country which focuses Start-up world, entrepreneurs, angel investors and other innovators in corporate sector. It helps new Start-ups sail higher by procuring investment and right customers. It is associated with many big brands and organizations which powers up its programs and advancement. It combines with angel networks to create a healthy and sound business ecosystem. To accepted in this program, you should have a working product with some revenue and a team.

4.500 Startup: The Incubator, 500 Startup has worked with more than 3 thousand entrepreneurs in over 50 different countries to enhance their productivity and accelerate the growth for a long-term success. The reason that makes it a suitable Incubator is that they invest in every kind of Start-up without categorizing any niche. The 4-month’s accelerator program provides learning, mentorship, Office space and investment for just 5 percent. To be accepted in this program you must travel to their their man locations in Mountain View California, San Francesco or Mexico City. You should have a working product that is ready to scale up.

5.IdeaGist: It the largest virtual incubator in the world, connecting more than 300 communities. And supporting almost 1,900 ideas. Key to their success is that they accept very early stage ideas in any category and from anywhere in the world. You can work at your own timeline and at your own pace. IdeaGist helps you with your idea when no one else is willing to support. IdeaGist does not take any equity and charge very nominal for people to access all their features. If you have an idea, you can join IdeaGist today for free and start working on it. It is also a good place to just learn and experiment with your ideas in stealth mode, without the fear of failure.

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Robert Alleson