Should you go for drone training? This is one question that is on the mind of every drone flyer especially when one is starting to fly these birds. Drones are being flown everywhere these days. From RF enthusiasts who see this as an addictive hobby to city planners and people in the scientific research arena who use them for more insightful research, these are being used everywhere. This is where undergoing drone training under the watchful eyes of experts has many incentives and here we share with you five such incentives of drone training in Ireland.

1. Improve flying skills – You may have already flown a drone. While doing so you may have realised that flying one is all about skills. Though you will keep improving your skills as you fly these birds what you need to do initially is get your basics right. If you end up with bad flying habits they are hard to get over. Joining a training school shall allow you to learn the fundamentals and hone your skills.

2. Understand the technicalities – There are several tools that go into flying a drone. From using the Altitude Calculator to the Distance & Bearing Calculator you will learn the use of these tools at a flying school. Experts would also educate you on other technicalities that go into drone flying.

3.Know the rules– Did you know you can’t fly a drone within 5 kilometres of an airport in Ireland? Did you know that you need to register your drone if it is more than 1 kg in weight and flies above 15 meters? There are several such norms that have been laid down by Irish Aviation Authority and it is important for every drone pilot to know about these rules. When you join drone training in Ireland, you will become aware of all such norms.

4. Know the equipment – There are different types of drones that you may have come across. These range from amateur drones with few controls to the sophisticated ones that require a considerable amount of time for one to gain control over. When you join drone training you will develop detailed knowledge on all kinds of equipment and how they are controlled. This improves your handling of the bird and allows you to push them to their limits.

5. It is mandatory for commercial flying – You may be flying drones only as a hobby at the moment but it is also a serious career option that you should consider. There is great demand for commercial drone flyers in Ireland and it is only expected to grow in the coming years. Completing course from a registered training facility is a must if you wish to fly these commercially.

You are convinced, aren’t you? It’s time for you to find a Registered Training Facility that offers comprehensive training in drone flying along with preparing you for all the challenges that you may encounter. Sign up for a course and you will take your drone flying skills to a new level.


In this write-up, we discuss five incentives of taking drone training in Ireland and how they benefit you in the long run.

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