As defined by the National Wellness Institute, “Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.” Following the same meaning and belief, Ayurveda has its own science of wellness that caters to optimal health and well-being catering to a life free of health disorders, emotional stress, anxiety, depression, and negative interactions. Ayurveda also defines this state of health as a perfect harmony of mind and body with an optimum balance of three doshas, vata, pitta, and kapha.

If you think wellness does play an integral role in your life as well, here are 7 important tips to Ayurveda wellness:

1. Ayurvedic Food: Ayurvedic diet and organic food is one way to achieve optimum health and wellness. Green leafy vegetables, organic fruits, whole grains, legumes, and other important spices used in our daily kitchen recipes add to the nutritional requirement of our body. Ayurvedic and organic methods of nurturing these fruits and vegetables is the simplest way to preserve the nutritional value of these food items while creating a balance within and keeping the body away from all toxins.

2. Power of Exercise: A regular routine of exercise is must to ensure improved digestion and immunity. This also works to increase endurance and fight with all negativities available in the external environment. Exercises in the form of swimming, walking, jogging, and yoga help to rejuvenate internal organs and bring outer peace. Go to any Ayurvedic health wellness retreats; you will have a compulsion for exercise in one or the other form depending on the kind of health disorder and wellness package you opt for.

3. Positive Influence: It is very important to keep your body in contact with positive attitude, behavior, and influence. Whatever you give to your body, the body gives you back. Positive influence comes by staying in touch with right people, eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and meditation. This in turn helps you control your senses and stay in coordination with behavioral rasayanas defined in Ayurveda as mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

4. Significance of Meditation: Meditation is one of the easiest yet the most complex ways of keeping your mind and body in harmony. Daily practice of meditation helps you stay away from negativities in life, improve your mental concentration, increase your emotional strength, and keep yourself confident always. There are many types of breathing exercises or pranayam that works to increase your resistance towards all toxins, impurities, and negativities.

5. Interaction with Your Inner Self: It is of utmost importance to stay in touch with your inner self. This happens through various meditation techniques that relax the mind and body, eating nutritious food that work towards killing and eliminating toxins from human body, and Ayurvedic massage therapy that helps revitalize your nervous system. Thin turn bring a complete happy and satisfied state of your existence.

When it comes to Ayurveda wellness center the centers work towards delivering a complete wellness package that includes the 5 important components of wellness encompassing physical, mental, emotional, social, and intellectual. One such Ayurvedic health wellness retreats is Parijatak work towards delivering a richer and more nourishing life through its affordable package.

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