Do you become conscious when you smile? This is because you don’t have bright teeth. The major problem that affects the beauty of your teeth is the discoloration and staining. You could avoid this by providing simple care to your teeth.
5 important and simple tips that help to whiten your teeth are given below:
1. Avoid the habit of drinking tea and coffee frequently. These beverages will results in the discoloration of your teeth. It is always a better choice to shun this habit permanently.

2. You should also decrease the intake of sweet items. This will decay your teeth and thereby reducing your oral health. Candies and chocolates will damage your oral health and hygiene.

3. Smoking is yet another bad habit. This will also damage your oral health and hygiene.

4. You can also use baking soda for whitening your teeth. This will help in making your teeth brighter.

5. Orange peel and lemon peel are also helpful in increasing the color of your teeth. Rub this peel in your teeth to remove stains and discoloration.

6. Lemon juice and salt can be mixed together for brightening the tooth color. This natural remedy helps in giving your teeth good color without any adverse effects.

7. Certain fruits like strawberry is also helpful in maintain your oral hygiene and health. Just rub this fruit on your teeth to get good results.

8. Drinking plenty of water will also aid in maintain your oral hygiene.

9. Avoiding or reducing the intake of fast food will also retain your oral hygiene. They will damage your oral health. So try to limit the intake of such food items.

10. Completely shun the habit of using mouth wash. Apart from alcohol; they also contain other chemicals that discolor your teeth. This will damage your oral health and hygiene.

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