We have told you briefly about 5 important rules of commercial interior designing. We hope this guide has been informative and will prove useful for you. Have an amazing day!

Commercial interior designing is a whole different ball game from residential interior design, and requires careful consideration and planning to set up retail spaces, restaurants, megastores, or any other type of commercial space. Mumbai being the financial capital of India is home to a large number of commercial interior designers. Commercial interior designers in Mumbai are fairly easy to find and you must consider hiring the services of one, when going about launching your business or revamping it. Commercial designing involves a steady mix of Architecture, design and even psychology! If you are a novice about commercial interior design, we have come up with ag guide, that will tell you about 5 important rules of commercial design and how they can impact the spaces:

Versatility: When going about commercial spaces, versatility is an important factor that you must integrate in the design throughout. Keeping commercial spaces and the structures inside them versatile could translate to mainy gains. If you are planning to expand your business in the future, make sure you have versatile spaces that can be used to increase seating capacity or handle higher footfalls in case retail stores.
Aesthetics: Aesthetics like any other interior design is also essential to creating quality commercial spaces. Restaurants, offices, retail stores may all be classified as commercial spaces and when going about their interior design you must pay attention to the aesthetics of the space. Studies have confirmed the effect of aesthetics on employees and potential customers who visit stores, so make sure that you keep your interiors classy. Minimalism is becoming the rage and it's a good way to keep things simple, yet beautiful. Although if you are designing a cafe or a modern store, you can get a little funky and add spunk to the interiors.
Technology: Tech integration is essential to creating modern commercial spaces. Make sure you make enough provisions, for enough tech integration in the interior space as they are an essential part of today’s day and age. Tech integrations can be as basic as ensuring enough power outlets, to new age solutions like biometrics and much more. Make a list of all the tech you need in your business and integrate them seamlessly in your interior space.
Customer first: Doesn't matter if you are designing an office space or a retail store. A commercial space should focus on the comfort of the customer and make sure you have necessary provisions like comfortable seating at appropriate places. Even in the case of offices ensure that visitors are comfortable and can spend extended amounts of time if required.
Safety: It goes without saying that safety assumes heightened importance in the case of commercial interior designing, as these spaces involve more occupants as compared to residential areas. Safety is an essential part that can be integrated in such a way that they elevate the look of your commercial interiors.

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