Are you a first-time mobile game developer? If you are then you have an idea of what mobile game development involves. However, most game developers are mistaken in the belief that game development is just having a great idea and starting to execute it immediately. Well, we can understand the impatience and fire that consumes a developer who has struck gold in terms of an executable idea. The itch to get developing is quite strong! However, hold your horses, game design is more than just a great idea and the coding skills to execute it. There are many things you have to think about such as the gameplay, target audience, monetization strategies, design, user experience and a whole host of things. Game design covers level designs, enemy design, and game mechanics. I understand it all sounds quite daunting so let’s make it simpler. Here are the most important fundamentals of mobile game design that you need to keep in mind.

  • Simplify Everything

Yes, you have a great idea and a story that runs quite some brain space! However, to keep things manageable, you need to initiate the idea and your game development by jotting down on paper. Have a concrete plan that will become your blueprint and one you will know intimately to ensure you stick to it even in your excitement. You can start off by creating a task list that outlines all the important details.

  • Put Your Idea on Paper

Working out your ideas regarding the mobile game you have in mind is great but if you fail to document and go straight to the coding part, then a little way down the road, your code can become unmanageable and to the extent of even effectively killing your productivity. Documenting your idea is essential in mobile apps design.

  • Core Game Mechanic

The best way to build your game seamlessly is to have a core game mechanic. What does your game work? Do you catapult birds at pigs to head to the next level like angry birds? Do you draw cards? Once you figure out your core gameplay then things will become easier to visualize even as you code.

  • Get Valuable Feedback

Share your idea with others even when your first instinct is to protect it as this will help you find out if your mobile game is interesting. Choose trusted friends to share your ideas with and see the feedback. You might even get some valuable contribution from them.

  • Plan Your Rewards

Every game player likes to receive praise for their technique and even for acing a stage or level in your game. Have a reward system for them in place so that they are more engaged and addicted to your game.

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