Moving into a new house is exciting. You’ll be filled with plans and imaginations on how to decorate the house; where to place the appliances, how to position the furniture, what frames to hang, etc. However, before you move-in, there are important things you need to consider to ensure that the house is ready for you to settle in and to detect problems that  may be hidden.

  1. Have a thorough cleaning. Newly built house may have dust and debris in many places while an established home may have dirt and bacteria lurking around the place. Dust and bacteria may cause health problems such as asthma or allergies. Cleaning the house guarantees a fresh and safe place for the entire family, avoids sickness, brings comfort, and is a good way to find parts of the rooms that needs repair or replacement. Don’t forget to disinfect the areas that easily harbor bacteria such as kitchen sink, bathroom, and cabinets.
  2. Get rid of pests. After the thorough cleaning it is worthwhile to spray pests’ control or call a pest control expert to effectively remove the pests. You never know how many pests are hiding in the house and they can easily spread bacteria. Pests may eat your food, destroy furniture, or even cause serious illness so it is best to get rid of them to avoid future problems.
  3. Check for water leakage. Fixing water leakage can be a major project as it may require opening the ceiling, walls, or floors to expose the pipes. Ensure that there is no leakage before occupying the house to avoid the hassle. To check for leaks, inspect your water outlets for drippings, look for wet indication like discoloration stains in the walls and ceilings, and monitoring the water meter gauge. Shut down all outlets and do not use the water for a few hours while monitoring the water meter gauge. If the reading changes in this period, then there is leak.
  4. Inspect the electrical lines. Ensure that there are enough light switches and electrical outlets for your needs and whether they are all working. It is important to detect and fix electrical problems while the house is empty to allow the electricians to do their job without causing inconvenience to the household and also to give them easy access to electrical lines. Some electrical works may require opening the walls and ceilings just like fixing water pipes so it is important to get this done before you move-in.
  5. Change all the locks. Most importantly, make sure to change all the locks especially on the external doors. This secures your safety and give you a peace of mind. Previous owners of the house may had given duplicate keys to their relatives or cleaning services. The only way to make sure no stranger has access to the house is to get new locks. They are easy to install and is highly important to secure your home and family.

Enjoy the fun and excitement of moving into a new house. Avoid stress and possible problems by planning ahead. I hope you find this article helpful and apply these tips when you move into your new home.

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