Apart from Google, there are several platforms where you can show off your SEO Harrisburg skills. It’s time for other alternative search engines to come out of the shadow. This time let’s tackle five alternative powerful engines to help you optimize your online presence.

While you’re laying out your marketing strategies for this year, think about including these influential forces such as
YouTube, Yelp, Amazon, eBay, and TripAdvisor.


To produce a video already used up so much time and effort. Consequently, other random but still important aspects of the process are shoved at the back. This is why in using YouTube as your marketing platform, you have to make the most out of your product descriptions and thumbnails. The longer your description is, the higher the chance of YouTube properly interpreting what your video is about, and as a result, your rankings will move up.

In writing your description, you have to make sure that the URL of the product is placed at the top. This is to be safe because only a limited of characters are displayed in the description. Also, the general rule is to have 250 to 500 characters, however, you are not compelled to follow this rule.

Thumbnails, on the other hand, are one of the keys that will determine if a viewer opens your video. Try to create a thumbnail that will persuade potential customers. If not, you can attempt to use bright colors, text, catchy animations and other techniques that call for action. Once you have decided your thumbnail, be consistent all throughout.


While responding to customer reviews can be a burden, think about the silver lining instead once you get it done, and that is, an improvement in your standing in the local SEO. Aside from boosting your Yelp ranking through review responses, another smart way is to use keywords in your responses. It’s not necessary to reply to every review, rather, you can decide what and when it is fitting to give a response. For negative reviews, these are something that you can’t avoid no matter how excellent your products or services are, so the best counterattack would be to make


When you’ve found yourself on Amazon, there are two reasons as to why. It could be that you want to buy something or your planning to buy something. And so, for your marketing strategy on Amazon, think from a buyer’s perspective. In Amazon, content is not king, but conversion is. In order to increase your Amazon rankings, you have to optimize your products for conversion. Incorporate keywords in your titles while promoting readability and valuable information for the
buyers. Lastly, you must ensure that your images are attractive enough to catch the buyer’s attention. You can take a look at Amazon’s picture standards first if you aren’t certain about the appropriate dimensions.


In the context of eBay, it is essential that you fill out your item specifics for each of your products. Since the number of specifics differs from each item, you have to ensure that you provide as much relevant information as possible so that buyers can be able to find your products easily and when that happens, your conversions will increase along with your rankings. In your listing description, keep it at least 200 characters long accompanied by relevant keywords. For a further boost in conversions and rankings, you can use 80% of your content for the product and 20% for promotion purposes.


According to 2018 statistics, TripAdvisor is this year’s top one source of information when it comes to traveling searches. This only proves that businesses should consider launching a TripAdvisor page. To optimize your business on TripAdvisor, you have to earn high-rated reviews, respond to customer reviews, and place booking links on your page. Your photos must also be of good quality so as to help keep potential customers on your TripAdvisor page longer.

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