2021: A new year with new hope and aspirations. With every coming new year, we except so much from ourselves and make resolutions; but we hardly keep all of them till year end. Last year we were hit by pandemic which affected every life in some or other way.We had encountered many things which we never expected like worldwide lockdown, health care crisis, great loss to economy & race to develop vaccines.
One most important thing that 2020 taught us, is need of better healthcare. And message was clear-health comes first, hence let’s pledge to make ourselves healthier this coming new year. Without much hardcore resolutions, let us make simple and effective resolutions which we can commit to stick.
1. Healthy eating is the mantra:
Food is the fuel of the body and for a healthy body what we eat is most important to build immunity.
• Eat balanced diet and chemical free food. Eat lots of fresh and seasonal fruits & vegetables.
• Occasionally treating yourself with favourite foods is more likely to control cravings but eat healthy the rest of time.
• Rather than focussing on fancy diets, eat healthy foods and in moderation.
• Work towards achieving healthy weight.

2. Lifestyle changes:
Corona virus is dangerous, but we all know that people hit by lifestyle diseases like heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure etc are even more in numbers. Also, COVID infections are more dangerous in people with these diseases.
Exercise daily, practice yoga or do whatever exercise you prefer but stay active. Sit less walk more.
• Reduce screen time, spend time outdoors, enjoy the peaceful nature.
• Quit smoking and drinking.
• Take stairs whenever possible. Walk to short distance rather than using vehicle.

3. Care for mind & soul:
• Laugh more. Laughing releases healthy hormones in body. So sometimes like a child laugh without any reason & you will feel happy. Try it!
• Think positive and try to worry less: Train your mind to think positive first, block negative thoughts and worry; gradually this will become a habit and brain will automatically trigger positive thoughts first.
Family time: Spend quality time with family, friends and your kids. Stay in touch with your loved ones. This time will be the best memories for you & for them. Good time spend makes you stress free and prevents many lifestyle diseases.

4. Self-Care: Love yourself
• Pamper yourself occasionally. Give yourself a relaxing day or enjoy activity you love without worrying for anything. Visit places you love, enjoy a good head or body massage or simply sit at balcony with hot tea every morning for 10 minutes to rejuvenates your inner self.
• Give and take: Volunteer some help or your skill to the less privileged and take immense self-satisfaction and happiness. The content from helping others relieves your stress too.
• Spend time at parks: Sometimes be a child and play with small kids at parks. Be childish, play silly games; this makes you stress free and healthier.
Forgiveness: This new year try to forgive people who hurt you and focus on healthier and happier tomorrow.
• Stay away from too much social media:Cut back on your phone time. Spend time with real people.
• Sleep at least 8 hours
• Travel at least once a year to a destination of your choice.

5. Regular check-ups:
And most importantly, we all know prevention is better than cure. A timely check-up can save you so many complications. Choose health and get a complete body check-up once a year.

With these simple 5 resolutions you not only prevent yourself from physical diseases but ensure mental health too. If anytime you slip on the resolutions, no problem, do not get demotivate, get up and start again tomorrow. Failures are part of life, everyone experiences it, but the goal should be to learn from it & rise again. Do not let failures become setback.
Coronavirus is mutating rapidly with news of new strain from many countries. Hence this new year to stay healthy, lets follow rules of social distance, mask and sanitizing as new normal.

New year! New beginnings! Healthier you! Happier you!

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