Every single person in this world needs someone to share their life with, to love and be loved, to care and get care, to support and have support and to encourage and stay encouraged.

We all do have many Dreams in our life, we set a goal and achieve it and go to accomplish another one. But we can't ignore the fact what our basic need is? There is no harm to be single.
But marriage seems to make you a better and complete person.

Some people be in a relationship just to make their self-happy, to feel worthy and loved. These are all unhealthy reasons, such relationships may end in the long run.

But we all think of a reason like why to be in a relationship?

Are there any healthy reasons to be in a relationship?

Yes, if you are taking things positively, relationships make your life healthier and inspires you to be a better person, to be you, to believe in yourself and have a happy and successful life.

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Look at the following five good reasons to be in a strong relationship :

1. Having someone on your side to understand you, releases stress:

If you are worried about something, you have someone to hear you out. It's a great feeling to have someone who will share your burden, someone to talk to, someone to understand you, someone to encourage you, someone to care for you, someone to be with you whatever the situation is. It is a natural fact that we humans feel happier having someone on our side and to be no more alone. Of course, it lowers your stress level and makes you live in a better way.

2. Make you to know yourself better and have confidence :

Generally, when we think of a relationship, it seems like you will learn about your better half but at the same time, we learn a lot about our own habits and behaviour with others. We may come to know about our unknown part of nature, good things as well as bad things. We try to avoid the bad things and our partner brings out the best in us. When someone hides your weak points, appreciate and encourage your abilities and skills, it gives you a lot of confidence, it makes you believe in yourself and be satisfied.

3. You can achieve more when you get the motivation :

Often we have the ability to do something but we need motivation, spiritual and emotional support to accomplish the goal, love is powerful, it motivates you. We can do much more things when we have someone to support our dreams and aims.

4. To learn how to compromise :

You learn to compromise a lot of things like how to tolerate some bad things of the next person, you become more patient, it shows your love. The approach towards life would be changed. You have to share living space and spend holidays with families.

5. You can have a happier and healthy life :

It is very clear now when there will be lesser stress, you get love, care, mutual support, motivation and confidence, automatically you become happier and healthy. When you don't take care of your health, there is someone to remind you, your importance. Research shows that married people are more happy and healthy than the unmarried ones.

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Pritom Das is a Tech Entrepreneur, a business development consultant, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer. He has Worked Exclusively as a full-time Freelance technology&lifestyle writer for 5 years