Everyone wants to be fit in his & her life. And also want to get in a shaped body and feel great. Now a day many people want a fit and sculpted body from eating fatty and junk food and watching TV or using mobile etc but it will not be going to happen with you at all. For a fit and sound body, you have to do hard work for it. Only exercise and a proper diet plan will give positive effects if you want to start your fitness journey than here are some tips for you. These are as follows:

Drinking water

No doubt, it varies from person to person but you should have to drink a gallon of water each day. More and more activities of the human body are depending on water for their proper functioning. There is no accurate research, how much water a human body should take in a day? It is depending on every person’s body and his/her lifestyle. You may have to change your fluid intake depending on how much active you are, what’s the condition of your health, where do you live, and you are pregnant or breastfeeding etc. A huge quantity of water in your daily life may cause a lot of disorders for you. So it is a recommendation for you to take a proper quantity of water daily.

Proper Exercise Daily

For an active and energetic body exercise is very necessary for you. It keeps your body fit and active. In exercise walking daily for half an hour is the best one for heart, overweight, belly fat, proper digestion and for the refreshment of your mind with proper functions in internal organs. Daily exercise boosts your body metabolism burn extra fat and takes short time for completion. Two miles daily is a recommended walk for you. Other exercises like yoga, weight lifting etc make your body function to work completely.

Used a balanced diet

Food is a basic and essential need of every living human body. The human body needs a specific quantity of different meals and ingredients for proper functioning. So our recommendation is that use such type of diets which contains proper ingredients like protein, carbohydrates, iron, and vitamins. Fresh vegetables, meats fruits, and pulses must be containing carbohydrates.
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Cleanliness is very important and best health and fitness tip. It is also a part of most civilization moral values and part of world religions too. It soothes both your mind and body. Water is a very beneficial and common agent for cleanliness. That has many positive effects on the human body and mind. Cleanliness saves you from many dangerous diseases and makes your body fresh, fit and active. You should take a bath regularly. Always clean your hands because you eat with hands and if your hand is not neat and clean the germs will inject in your body to produce harmful diseases.

Taking Rest

Human body organs need rest for their better and normal functioning. The human body is just like a machine and if this machine is overworked then it will lose its balance. Overwork for a human body cause both physical and mental disorders. Continuous work without any rest gives very bad impact on a healthy body. There is no specific time for taking rest but do as much rest as your body feels fresh and comfortable. A recommended sleep for a day is 6 to 8 hours to try to sleep at least for 8 hours. A Pregnant lady has to take as much rest as it is possible for her. Because she needs more rest than a normal human body.

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