According to the microbiologists and cleaning experts, rug and carpet fibres can be easily affected by millions of bacterias and microorganisms like moulds, dust mites, spores and pollen particles. Additionally rugs and carpets come at a big price. Hence, it is really essential to clean your rugs and carpets at home everyday. You can use different methods to keep your rugs clean and durable for longer periods. For that you have to keep your bathroom rugs and living room carpets away from dirt.

Follow these five hacks to keep rugs and carpets look shiner and beautiful as you just bought them today.

Keep Your Shoes Off

You should always be careful while walking into your house. The best way to keep your house free from bacteria and other dust and dirt is to keep your shoes off outside the house before you get it. Also, influence others to follow the same thing. It not only helps your rugs and carpets stay cleaner and beautiful maintaining its maximum durability but also helps you stay healthy as most of the diseases are caused by the bacteria you bring from outside along with your shoes. Fibres of expensive rugs and carpets are really sensitive and they can’t bear the heavy mud and dirt so it is essential to keep your shoes away from them.

Vacuum Clean Your Carpets Regularly

Regular vacuum cleaning is essential to keep your rugs and carpets stay durable. Vacuum cleaners have different ways to remove the dust and dirt from the fibres of rugs and carpets. The carpets can be easily cleaned by using an upright vacuum cleaner or a rotary brush but in case you use these things to clean the rugs, it may harm the fibres and the material of the rug. Instead you can use only suction to wipe off all the dirt before it gets trapped deep inside it.

Before you start vacuum cleaning your rugs, always shake off the rug once to remove the loose dirt that can be shredded easily from it and later on can be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner. You can use this method at least once a week to keep the look of the rugs more beautiful.

Keep Your Carpets Away From The Pets

Pets can harm your expensive carpets and rugs so always keep your pets like dogs and cats away from them.

Avoid Spillage Or Remove Stains Immediately

Try not to spill the liquids like coffee, tea or juice or anything on the sensitive fibres of the rugs. In case of accidental spillage, you can immediately wipe off the spillage or stains with a damp white cloth. Try to use only water or a proper rug cleaner to wipe the stains off the carpets and rugs.

Try Washable Rugs And Carpets

In case you do not have much time for manual or vacuum cleaning your floor carpets and rugs, go for a washable rug or a floor carpet as it may require less efforts and you can easily machine wash them without any expert’s assistance.

Use the above home hacks to keep your carpet and rug away from the dust and dirt and make them look cleaner and shiner than ever before.


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