Learning online
In recent times, many students have taken up e-learning, with the number of institutions offering online classes also increasing. This mode of learning is preferred mainly due to its convenience. However, the web is full of so many distractions. How can you make your online study effective? Let us consider some hacks.

1. Have a Plan

Have a plan to help you stay focused

Studying online requires strict habits and a proper structure. A complete outline of your calendar will be a great way to start the ball rolling. Create your plan by first checking your class syllabus before your online class begins. List the achievements, due dates and exam dates for your class on your calendar and ensure you’re devoted to them mentally.
Next, come up with a reasonable schedule of times for you to take the class and study for it. You'll have to spare some time for your class and a separate time for studying (and if you are an essay writer you’ll have time for writing your essays). Stick to your plan. It will help you to manage outside tasks easily.

2. Create a Relationship with Your Professor

Establish a relationship with your professor

Since you depend on the internet for your class and at times the signals might get erratic, we recommend that you establish a relationship with your professor so that you’re given a break when and if things go wrong. In the event that you’re unable to turn in assignments or enter answers due to computer errors, you'll want to be able to alert your professor in time.
Ensure to address any concerns immediately they arise but also be vocal about your effort to get a good grade. In addition, your professor will want to know your level of seriousness.

3. Online Games
Many free online games have been developed from some of the memorization-heavy subjects. These games can be played just before you start a study session or when you are on a break.
You’ll probably be lucky to find games that are specific to your needs, but some exciting examples include:
Anatomy arcade - It features Poke-A-Muscle for basic anatomy.
Duolingo - One of the best online platforms for language learning. You'll definitely enjoy the lessons and eventually, your language skills will improve.


Anatomy arcade

4. Flashcards
Flashcards are probably the most effective way of getting facts to stick in your brain. However, the time spent on creating physical flashcards can make it an impossible approach when you’re stressed. Online flashcard databases are ideal due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the time taken to create your deck is reduced and you won’t be wasting any paper. Moreover, sometimes, other students might have already created flash cards for your subject of choice, and a majority of sites will allow you to utilize those decks for free.
Different students will have a preference for different flashcard interfaces. The most common options include Cram, Quizlet and Study Stack.


5. Look and Get Ahead
While studying online, you should always have an idea of what to expect in the coming future, say 6 weeks down the line. Other than knowing all of the exam and due dates, having an idea of upcoming dates will keep you on track.
If you know what is expected of you in the coming weeks and not just the following day, you will be able to use your time efficiently and proceed with your studies. Remember; avoid mistakes such as last-minute rushes when it comes to your assignments.

There you go! These five hacks will help you in your online studies.

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Sophia Clark graduated from the University of the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day.