There are some really simple ways to get a man’s attention and cause him to want to get to know you. But I thought it would be fun, and maybe drive the point home in a more powerful way, to tell you how you can turn men off, guaranteed. Clearly, this is all tongue-in-cheek, but it’s still the truth.

5 Ways To Turn Men Off
1) Slouch. One of the quickest, easiest ways to look completely unattractive, to actually be repellent, is to slouch. When you stand up straight, with good posture, the message you are broadcasting is, “I’m confident, comfortable with who I am, and I’m worth getting to know.”
When you slouch you’re saying, “I’m not worthy of your notice, I’m insecure, ignore me, treat me as a second-class citizen.” What man will be interested in that? Plus, you send great energy when you stand tall and as an added bonus, your breasts look much more attractive.

2) Smoke. If you really want to turn men off big-time, light a cigarette. When you do so you advertise that you’re a low-class woman; your hair, clothes, and breath stink; you taste horrible when kissed; you have no respect for your body or your health or your future appearance because you are guarantee to be very wrinkled, and wrinkled
before your time. I don’t think I need to say more.
Being a non-smoker will keep the door open to a classy, quality man. Smoking will only attract another smoker.

3) Get drunk. This will advertise very nicely that you lack self-control, that you are blind to how embarrassing you are, how risky it will be that you will throw up, that you will most likely sleep with a man too easily. Ah yes, the lists goes on. This is especially effective on a first date with a quality man. Stick to one drink when you’re meeting a man and you’ll be safe from this turn off.

4) Swear. If you are looking for a man who doesn’t need to respect his woman, then swearing will certainly turn the classy, quality men off and get you the attention of crass, disrespectful, tacky men. In my opinion, a woman should never swear in front of someone she doesn’t know, or doesn’t know very well, especially if she wants to attract his attention.

Later, after you’ve gotten to know him, swearing in the right situation, to make a point, is okay in my book. But don’t ever be a potty mouth.

5) Let your body go to pot. Most men, even those who are way out of shape want a woman who appears healthy.
Not skinny, just healthy.

You don’t need to be a size 2. You can be a size 12 and be healthy. So if you want to turn men off, gain weight, don’t exercise, and to add a guarantee, ignore your hair, make-up, clothes and generally show that you have no respect for your body or your appearance. That’ll pretty much do it.

If you do any of these things, just know that you are narrowing the field. You need all the help you can get so doing any of the above makes it more and more difficult to find a good man with whom to share your life.
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