You’re a startup and want an effective online presence. You start hunting for the cheap solutions over the internet so that you can start get website of your own. You start looking for cheap website developers online to build your first website and you come across a bunch of professionals. Someone suggests you to hire WordPress developer as that will help you get a site you’ll be able to customize on your own.

Well, there are several WordPress developers and choosing the right one may not be an easy task. You may get confused while selecting the best professional for building your WordPress website. There’s no doubt that WordPress website development will help you save a lot of time and money and every startup would like to save both of them initially. You may ask the following questions while hiring the best remote WordPress developer:

1. What could be my project requirements? What type of website do I require?

Before you start looking for the cheap WordPress developers, you should determine what you require. You may want a simple blogging site, or a corporate website for brand identity or an online store. List out the features that you may require. Figure out the features and requirements so that you can talk to the WordPress developers in India or post job description online to find the best professional for building your business website.

2. How much experience does the developer have?

It is important to hire someone with at least 3-4 years of experience in the industry. Whether you choose to hire a freelancer or an experienced WordPress development agency. Make sure that they have worked on several projects in the past. Do not hesitate to ask the professionals for the projects they have worked on. Most of the agencies have an online portfolio and so, have a look at it to get a better understanding of their expertise and skills. If you do not find the portfolio on their website, ask them to showcase some of their works.

3. Does the WordPress developer have good or mixed client reviews and ratings?

Check the client reviews and testimonials before hiring remote WordPress developer. You may also ask for client references so that you can contact them directly and ask whether they are completely satisfied with the services delivered to them.

4. Can you provide a free, no obligation quote?

You cannot hire the first WordPress developer you come across over the internet. It can be a good idea to contact a few professionals and collect quotes and time estimates from them. Most of the agencies and developers provide free quotes based on your requirements. Do not hire someone who quotes the lowest, but take into account all the major factors and make the right decision.

5. How much percentage of the project cost should I pay initially?

If you are hiring WordPress developer for the first time, it may be risky to pay the entire project cost upfront. Usually, WordPress development agencies charge some part of the project cost upfront and the rest is taken as the project deliverables are made. Hence, sign an NDA and mention all the payment terms. You can break the project into milestones and pay the cost after the completion of each milestone.

Spend some time doing research and hire WordPress developer so as to get the best value for the money you spend. A little research will help you go long way.

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