There is no denying the fact that choosing the most appropriate kind of flooring for houses is one of the trickiest jobs homeowners have to do. If you look out for flooring options, you will no doubt find a variety of options which includes marble, ceramic, tiles, laminate and several others, but out of all these varied options, timber flooring in Melbourne is probably the one which strikes out the most. It's the most preferred flooring option for most people these days.

timber flooring

So should you opt for timber as your flooring material? Well, here are some pretty valid reasons why you definitely should:-

  • Appearance: First and foremost, the appearance of timber flooring is what sets it apart. Not only does timber provides an unmatched aesthetics, but its elegant appeal is enhanced further as it ages. Many flooring materials will be introduced in the future, but timber is timeless, and its appeal will never go away.
  • Durability: Probably the best thing about timber floors is that they are incredibly durable in nature. Once you install them, it will last for years to come. This is unlike any other flooring option, especially carpets which you will have to replace every few years. You might think that timber costs too much but when you consider the fact that you won't have to replace it every few years, it will seem a wise investment to consider timber.
  • Minimum Maintenance: One of the best traits of timber is that they are relatively maintenance free. Compared to carpets where you will have to vacuum daily and probably hire cleaners, the work you'll have to do to clean timber flooring is minimal. Simple brushing and gentle mop are enough to clean timber floors.
  • Varied Choices: This kind of flooring is available in several patterns, designs and finishes which gives homeowners a choice to opt for floors according to their preferences. Since no two timber planks will be the same, it will give a natural and distinct look to your house.
  • Cost Efficient: Yes, timber floors are actually cost efficient. You might have to fork out a bit more on the initial investment, but that's about it. You'll have to think of it as an investment rather than an expense. After you have installed them, you won't have to worry a thing about for the next 2-3 decades.

So these are very good reasons as to why timber should be your preferred flooring in Melbourne. However, you need to make sure that whichever flooring option you are opting for, you do that from a company which you are sure of.

Not only should the company be experienced enough, but you also need to make sure that they are capable of providing genuine quality timber floors. Cost is also an important factor here because although you shouldn't skimp on the quality, you shouldn't end up paying over the odds either. Make sure that whichever company you are choosing is able to provide you top quality products at prices which you can easily afford.

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