Do Old School Marketing Strategies Still Work for Your Business?

Online marketing may be taking the world by storm, but marketers looking for a change should look to old school marketing. Many are looking past old school marketing strategy objectives because of the increasing need to be online and communicate with customers through the internet. Those that focus solely on online marketing will find themselves missing out on techniques that could grow business and create more opportunity for new customers in the long run.

Why Should I Use Old School Techniques for My Business?

Old fashioned or old school marketing techniques require a different kind of effort than online strategies. Those that participate in face to face strategies, direct marketing, or relationship marketing do more than just put themselves behind a computer screen to interact with their customers and business associates. It is a much more difficult process than online marketing, but the results you can get from these older techniques are far more rewarding and profitable.

These techniques were created during the era of personal selling and marketing. They were meant to create deeper and stronger connections to businesses and customers alike. Cold calling and telemarketing still have their place, but as the current trend shifted to a more consumer-centric age customers have been dying to do business with those that are willing to show value and trust. These old marketing techniques still have their place in today’s internet savvy world, where people are looking to find businesses that meet their needs, and care about their well-being as a whole.

By discrediting these techniques marketers are hurting themselves and losing potential market segments for their business. There are many different old-fashioned marketing strategies to use but the most important ones involve creating relationships and experiences personally with the actual person interested in your business. If you can intermingle your marketing strategies between old and new, your business will flourish even more than before.

5 Types of Old School Marketing Strategies

1. Face to face networking is one of these old-school techniques that is being overlooked by online marketing. But the power of face to face networking is much greater than the casual online connection. By getting in front of the actual person you want to do business with, you will be more likely to create a deeper connection and be able to pitch them your best. Most often, potential business partners or clients find that online communication does not show the true person behind the screen. The easiest way to build trust and relationships is by talking to your connections face to face.

2. Direct marketing is another form of marketing that has been pushed to the way side. Many think that the internet gives businesses a wider net to capture customers. But what most marketers are not considering is the need for customization and relationship marketing in today’s business world. Consumers and business partners are now, more than ever, looking to do business directly with the business itself and not through the middleman. When you sell your product or service through a third party, you are missing out on a very valuable aspect of what customers are expecting in today’s markets. Don’t discount how direct marketing can affect your business. This mode of marketing can bring quick results, allowing you to get a fast return of the time and money invested.

Direct marketing is not about building awareness. Its objective is to get a response that can lead to a sale in the shortest time possible.

3. Marketing seminars have become a way of the past for most businesses. But most seminars have very valuable information that people cannot find online. Marketing experts lead seminars to give the world their knowledge learned through experience. YouTube has the ability to teach concepts and record speeches, but seminars give marketers a full experience filled with tips and tricks that cannot be found within the confines of the internet.

4. Promotional materials are another way to use an old technique in your business’s favor. By offering potential clients and business partners free stuff, you could see a potential return in your business. By getting your logo pressed on key chains, water bottles, or pens, you can hand these out at networking events and seminars you put on for others at your business. These pens may be used by your intended audience, but they will not be the only ones who see them. Other people will see your business logo when signing receipts at a restaurant or hanging up at the auto repair shop. Although this is a micro-connection, your business has a better chance at getting into the eyes of someone who needs your product or service than it would have if you just sent out the weekly newsletter via email.

5. Mail the newsletter. Don’t send it online. Newsletters through the mail may seem inefficient but they are some of the cheapest ways to market your business. The cost per lead through mail is relatively the same as it would be when sending the newsletter by email. You can also encourage your customers to enter a promotional code online through your direct mail, which could lead to an increase in response to your campaigns overall.

The Old & The New

Obviously you cannot run a business solely based on these old-fashioned strategies, but there is still a lot to learn from them. If you discount strategies like direct marketing and face to face networking, you could miss out on opportunities to build your brand and grow your business. By stepping out and doing something different, you could increase your potential profits and connections. Many businesses and customers are impressed with those that are willing to take risks and communicate effectively on a personal level.

Do not be afraid to mix your old-school strategies with your modern online marketing techniques. By creating a stronger and more diverse marketing strategy, you will find that your personal relationships and number of loyal customers will continue to grow.

These strategies most definitely have their place in today’s marketing world and the businesses that use them have an edge over those that do not. Be sure to include some of these common marketing strategies to enable your business to capture both online and offline business opportunities.

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Brian is the founder of Profit Koach, which provides start up and small business entrepreneurs with the strategies and tactics to grow their business profits by 60-100% in 180 days and a Melbourne based Small Business Coach and Consultant specializing in Marketing (both online and offline). Follow Brian on his Facebook Page, Google+ and Twitter.