The year is almost over and let’s be honest—it hasn’t been an easy one. You deserve to treat yourself. It may not be your birthday, and sure, there’s still a ways to go before Christmas, but who says you can’t show yourself a little love for all you’ve done this year?


Besides, is there a better way to start autumn than with a few must-have indulgences that make you smile every time you try them?


Keep yourself from feeling the fall blahs and, instead, embrace autumn awesome with these five gifts to give yourself.


#1 A Scented Candle Subscription Box

Fall is all about the flickering light of fireplaces and candles. You may find yourself going through tons of candles at a time for maximum hygge vibes. That’s why you should give yourself the gift of endless autumn ambiance with a subscription box of candles. You can sample various scents or just stick with your favorites!


#2 A Comfortable Bra That Actually Fits

No matter how soft your sweater and how perfectly your favorite leggings fit, an uncomfortable bra can wreak havoc on even the most cozy autumn days. Now’s the time to stop wearing the too-big 32B bras and finally make the jump to comfy (yet sexy) 30A bras.


To find your new go-to bra, try these tips:

  • Learn what your size actually is – Measure yourself with the help of a clothing measuring tape and a few YouTube tutorials.
  • Find your favorite fabric – Research bra fabrics that are the softest and most comfortable for bras based on your needs. If you run a little hot, a microfiber blend can help keep you cool and wick away excess sweat. If you like a softer touch, take a look at cotton blends.
  • Don’t rush things – Take your time in your search! The perfect bra is a lot like the perfect man. You’ve got to try on a lot of duds before you find one that fits you and makes you happy.


#3 A Super Soft Robe

You don’t have to check into a swanky hotel to experience the bliss of an exquisitely soft bathrobe. Spend your autumn enveloped in soft, comfy goodness with a plush robe. Sip your coffee wrapped in warmth while the autumn rain pounds on your windows. Or, snuggle up with your robe, a period drama on your favorite streaming service, and a big glass of wine.

The more you use it, the more you’ll realize that autumn is truly robe season!


#3 A Wine Box Subscription

Have you always wanted to find more wines you actually like? There’s really only one way to do it—by drinking a ton of wine! Wine subscription boxes can help you do just that.


Need help finding wine varieties to start off your box? It might help to think about the foods you like and tend to eat. You’ll have the perfect wine pairings on hand for every dinner.

  • If you like red meat, try an assortment of medium or bold reds like zinfandel, merlot, malbec, cabernet sauvignon, or tempranillo.


  • If you like fish or chicken, you might enjoy a variety of white wines like chardonnay, moscato, or prosecco.
  • If you like veggies, you could try sipping on a light red like pinot noir, a dry wine like sauvignon blanc, or even a medium red like sangiovese.


#5 A Plush Weighted Blanket

Give yourself the gift of easy sleep and sweet dreams all autumn long with a weighted blanket.  What’s the appeal of a weighted blanket? Imagine being hugged to sleep every night—that’s what it’s like to fall asleep under a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets gently compress the nerves in your body, triggering a sensation of relation in your body. This can help soothe away worried thoughts as you close your eyes and drift off.


The Greatest Gift of Fall? Giving Yourself Time to Enjoy the Gifts

Regardless of which gift you give yourself—whether that’s a box of candles or a beautiful robe (or both)—be sure you make time to enjoy it! After all, autumn is only here for a little while. So be sure you set aside mornings, afternoons, and evenings to embrace the season and treat yourself to the self-care you deserve all year long.

Author's Bio: 

Ikhraaf Qaiser is a blogger and renowned author on many websites. He loves to write about health, lifestyle, and travel.