Searching for a job in today’s competitive market is a tough task. Therefore it becomes important to channelize our energy in the right direction and search for the job where we can fit in and give our 100%. This increases the possibility of getting hired. But if you are a fresher, then you must have realized numerous career possibility and to look Jobs in Kolkata for fresher or in any other place without having clarity is like pointing needle in the hay. So here we come to our first point.

1. Clarity in what you want. – Be aware of your strength and weakness first. This will help you decide better. Make a list of jobs you can apply under your degree course, then check them according to your likes, qualities, and preferences. Target a particular job post and enhance your skills accordingly. Search like Jobs in Ranchi, Jobs in Kolkata etc. to get specific results.

2. Always attach Cover Letter with your CV/Resume. – Having a cover letter gives a professional look to your resume. It is your achievements and career perspective at a glance. This not only saves a recruiter’s time but also give you an edge over your competitors.

3. Make sure to be regular in your job search. – Fix a time in a day and dedicate a particular time to do your job search. Follow up any incoming emails and be responsive even if you are not very interested in any offer. Committing to job search will expose you to those possibilities which you might be missing otherwise.

4. Don’t apply for the sake of applying. – Coming across various job ads is common in every job portal but landing a job from any of these will be relayed all on you. Having multiple applications on board will not help you assuring a job. Sometimes one a single application does the work. The difference comes not much from your qualification but your effort to find that right job.

5. Think from the employers perspective. - Look for the thinks employers are seeking in the candidates and compare yourself. How similar is that job ad from your resume? And only applying for a job and uploading your resume doesn’t finish your task. Always remember to take follow-ups in a couple of days after applying. This shows your sincerity. Keep location in mind. Whether they are looking for a local application or accepting it from everywhere. This shows their policy and additional benefits for you if any, and saves from hassle afterward.

By doing a smart job search will help you save a lot of time and effort and even boost your moral to seek more opportunities and get the best out of your skills. Log in to and start finding your dream job now.

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