As marketing consultants we frequently find ourselves brainstorming with business owners on how to economically spread the word about their business. We find that people sometimes overlook simple things that can help them reach more prospects. Here are some of the things we tell them to do:
1. Make sure people can contact you. This seems obvious but it is often overlooked. Does your business card offer more than one way to contact you? Some people prefer the phone and others prefer email. I have seen this violated so drastically that I went to a website once that was designed to sell a product but there was literally no contact information on the site. I mean not a phone number, not a mailing address, not even an email address. And this was an internet marketing company!
2. Leave your phone number when you call someone and want them to call you back. Don't say, “Oh, they have my number.” Chances are they may have to look it up, or they may be checking messages from a remote location. Make it easy for them to call you back. The point is that the easier you make it for someone to return your call, the more likely they will.
3. Put a great voice mail message on your phone. The other day a new business owner called about a website. She had been in business for almost a year but when we called back she didn't answer and there was no way to leave a message. So go ahead and set up your voice mail and don't let it fill up. And make sure to empty your inbox. I have called businesses only to find that their voice mail inbox was full leaving no way to leave a message. If you have a receptionist have him or her take messages. I called a business owner back the other day and was told by her receptionist that she would be back in the afternoon and I could call back then.
4. Put your business contact info on you email signature. How many emails do you send out every day? Here is a great opportunity to let people know about the services and/or pro,ducts you offer. Under your name put a snappy slogan, a link to your website and your phone number.
5. Social Media Marketing. Social media sites are a great way to start and build relationships if done right. Even if all you do is put your name, what you do and your contact info it is one more way for people to find you.
Moral of the story: Make it easy for people to contact you!

Author's Bio: 

Wayne Porter, Co-Founder and President of Connect Up Marketing Group, LLC has been a writer and photographer for many years. Also an independent filmmaker, his film “Sanderson County” has become somewhat of a cult classic among indie film enthusiasts.

Wayne is also a classic rock guru, and can probably answer any question about the music (and musicians) of the 60s’ & 70′s.