The hardest thing the most marketers struggle with in building their MLM business is lead generation. However, this is the key to massive success. Here are 5 free ways that you can generate leads both offline and online.
1.Friends and family- This is probably the oldest lead generation strategy in network marketing. Make a list of your friends and family, and then call everyone on your list. This list is extremely untargeted which is why you have to go through a lot of “No’s” to get to a “Yes”.
2. Social Media- This requires building relationships online, then taking that relationship offline via the phone or a meeting. This traffic can be targeted a little better by only connecting with members in certain groups.
3. Article Marketing- This requires writing a bunch of 250-500 word articles and then submitting them to article directories. The links in your author’s box should point to your lead capture page. This can be extremely targeted traffic.
This task can be outsourced, but then again it would not be completely free.
4. Meetups- This is an mixture of both offline and online. Find out when the business Meetups occur at Next you attend the Meetup.
This can be targeted traffic if you choose the right Meetups, but you will need to lead with something other than your opportunity when approaching other marketers.
5, Events- This could be trade shows, festivals, or the like related to your niche. If you hand out your business card that would be a low-cost method, but if you collected business cards and then followed up with them later, it would be completely free.
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