Foreplay is the most enjoyable pre-sexual activity that can take your sexual experiences to the next level. According to sex experts, only a very small percentage of women are able to get an orgasm from intercourse alone. Thus, it is extremely important for men to understand the importance of foreplay in order to keep their women happy and satisfied at all times.

Good foreplay leads to great sex, and that’s a reality! It can turn your partner on and get her all excited for an incredible sexual encounter. From warming up touch to gently playing with her whole body, there are plenty of hacks you can try to stimulate your foreplay equation and get your partner in the right mood.

Here are some of the best foreplay tips that will help you tease and please your woman:

1. Talk naughty

Foreplay is not just physical but verbal too. So start by whispering naughty stuff in her ear. Tell her what you want to do her and innocently ask her if she’s interested. By doing so, you’ll get her in the perfect mood and she’ll be eagerly waiting for the experience to follow.

2. Undress her slowly

Go slow while taking off her clothes. Tease her into the act. Surprise her with a new move, like unhooking her bra using only one hand. Make things interesting, do things she won’t be expecting. This will not increase her excitement level but also motivate you to improve your performance.

3. Touch and kiss her everywhere

Gently run your hands through her whole body. Kiss her softly from head to toe. Compliment her beauty, come closer, look her in the eye, and ask her how she’s feeling being loved. Then, kiss her passionately around her neck and shoulders. Tease her lips with your lips, then suddenly surprise her with a long and intense lip kiss. Watch her expressions closely, you’ll see her wanting you more.

4. Pay special attention to her sensitive parts

Play with her breasts the right way. Lick her nipples softly and touch her breasts everywhere. Spend more time to explore new sensitive areas around or on her breasts. Then go down, kiss her inner thighs, and slowly move towards her vagina. Stimulate her clitoris gently. Start by licking it softly and slowly increase your intensity. Focus on hitting the right spots and you’d be amazed to see how much she’s enjoying being loved.

5. Multitasking is the way to go

With 10 fingers, 2 hands, and a tongue, you can pleasure your woman in unimaginable ways. Just enjoy multitasking! Lick her breasts while running one hand through her entire body and stimulating her clitoris with the other. Keep changing the positions, and use your fingers, tongue and lips to pleasure different parts of her body simultaneously. In no time, you’ll find her moaning and wanting an incredible sexual experience.

After all your hard work, your woman would be totally turned on for the ultimate act. All you need to do now is enjoy making love to your partner. But remember, safety comes first. So don’t forget to use a condom. And condoms can increase the excitement too! You can try a wide range of pleasure condoms like Manforce stamina condoms to give your woman long-lasting pleasure and the best orgasm of her life.

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