People often try to improve their appearance. It can be done through diets, sport, clothes or surgery. The number of women and men who undergo plastic surgery increases every year. More and more people join the aesthetic game every year.

To be satisfied with the result you should be extra careful when choosing a surgeon. Plastic surgery attracts a growing base of clients. For this reason, unqualified physicians and even non-physicians are jumping in the plastic surgery industry.

At first, you need to meet the surgeon in person. It is also very important to check the doctor’s biography and make sure the surgeon is certified to perform the exact procedure. Below, you can find more tips for those who looking for a good plastic surgeon:

1. Ask friends, family members, and acquaintances who have already had plastic surgery
First, ask those close to you. Your family member will be able to honestly answer all questions and describe the entire process from consultation to recovery. You may also ask any friends or acquaintances who work in health care. It can be a nurse, nurse practitioner or physician assistance. Health care workers know who is the best surgeon. They are usually very open to making recommendations.

2. Read reviews about surgeons in your area
Look for information on the internet before going to a surgeon to carry out any procedure. Read reviews to understand the experience of previous patients. It will help you to know a little bit more about how every surgeon works.

You may also join plastic surgery forums to find the right surgeon. Most people don’t know but you can find special groups on Instagram. In these groups, a thousand of women share their experience of plastic surgery and surgeons.

3. Perceive all information on the Internet with a healthy dose of skepticism
Reviews on social media pages may be a great source of information. However, they can also be a source of misinformation. People leave reviews not only to share their experiences. Some of the negative anonymous reviews can be left by competitors. And the opposite, good reviews also can be falsified.

Be careful with “before and after” photos. Most doctors will have them on their websites or will send them to your request. Not all surgeons show their work honestly. When considering “before and after” photos be sure that makeup, lighting, and shadows are the same on both photos. Such manipulations are a commonly used trick to fool patients.

4. Check the qualification
Before a face-to-face meeting with a doctor check his qualification to perform your desired procedure. Doctors may call themselves “cosmetic” or “aesthetic” surgeons but this is not the same as a plastic surgeon. Such a doctor may be able to handle non-invasive procedures.

However, remember that non-invasive doesn’t mean 100% safe. Even such procedures may have side effects. It is better to be under the supervision of the best plastic surgeon who can recognize and manage problems.

If you are seeking surgical procedure, find a doctor who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). On the ABPS website, you may find a list of all certified doctors. You can easily check whether your doctor in this list or not. All members are able to perform both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. They are highly qualified surgeons.

5. Listen to your gut and take your time
If everything seems to be good, but you still feel uncomfortable don’t follow through with that office, doctor or procedure. The relationships with your plastic surgeon should be private and personal. For this reason, it is recommended to take your time. With a plastic surgeon, you will share some concerns that you cannot share even with your relatives. You should feel comfortable in your surgeon’s hands.

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