Hoodies are not something new to us. The hoodie fashion dates back to the 12th century in medieval Europe. That sounds interesting, right? The first hoodies were made of tunics and cowls. This was originally worn by the monks and chaperones of the medieval times. But then the term hoodie came to existence in 1990. Then wearing hooded capes became popular among outdoor workers. Now wearing a hoodie has become a style statement that has spread across the world. Thanks to the American sports-drama rocky that gave hoodie the iconic status of the current trend. And if you are a person who loves the stunning and trendy look of hoodie then here are a few types of hoodie that you should own as your wardrobe member.

Baja hoodies

Baja hoodies or Baja ponchos are made of soft materials. These hoodies started around 50 years ago. It was shaped as regular pull-overs and ponchos at first but now has evolved to be hoodies. The sleeveless Baja hoodies are best for making you look more attractive and trendy. If you are into a hippie style then this is a go-to. Wear a Baja hoodie with glasses, a man bun, and lose fitting traveling pants for the ultimate hippie with a techy look. The unique characteristic of Baja is that it comes in bright and colorful designs. Their unique and bold statement makes them favorite among many.

Over the head hoodies

The over the head hoodie is a type of pullover hoodie. As it is worn in a more formal setting like schools it doesn’t have designs in most cases. It makes you look funky and cool. The best part is that this hoodie is an ultimate definition of the word comfortable. Also as they stay closed and tight against your body you will feel extra warm during winter. The added benefit of having an over the head hoodie is that they are great to sleep in. during winter these are going to be your snuggle partner. They come in a variety of colors and emblems and designs. An over the head hollow knight hoodie is an ultimate show stealer.

Polo hoodie

If you want elegance combined with comfort then polo hoodie is what you must have. These polo hoodies have the polo emblem on the front and hoodie on the back. If you want to flaunt a casual look yet be more attractive then polo hoodies are best. If you are heading out to a golf game or tennis then this can make you look more attractive. The polo hoodies can also have the logo of the football team that you love or your favorite cartoon character. It is the best article of clothing to own to make you look attractive.

Skate hoodie

As the name suggests the skate hoodies are specially made for people who skate. You can see most of them skating wearing one of these. This hoodie is designed to keep your chest warm. These are best to reduce the drag of the wind and allow the fluid movements of the skater. This can also be worn while skiing or cycling to look your best.

Black hoodie

You might think that is a black hoodie a separate type of hoodie? And the answer is yes. These hoodies are unique and highly popular as it makes anyone who wears it attractive. Black is a classic color and when it meets hoodie it is a statement. There are many types of black hoodies like pull over and zip-type which come in various designs. Owning one black hoodie is a must to complete your wardrobe collection.

Bottom line

Hoodies are the millennial trend that has become famous worldwide and it has become a subculture. Grab your favorite hoodie and create your own favorite look.

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