Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the popular digital marketing tools. Small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) need to use the correct search terms, keywords, and terminology to bring new business. In an ideal situation, a good SEO online training will organically increase the leads and potential sales that an SMB can then obtain through closed sales.

The challenge, though, is that SEO is more difficult to understand and to control when compared to e-mail marketing or paid search. Tracking, mapping, and reporting results have become increasingly difficult, particularly because factors affecting SEO change daily.

In this post, let’s discuss some of the facts you didn’t know about SEO:


YouTube is presently the second largest search engine in the world and stands to be several people’s first choice for seeing online videos. Not only are videos much easier or engaging than original text content, but Google also owns YouTube, so it’s also fair for it to be supported by Google search engine.

Video content increases the traffic or visitors to your site, engage visitors, reduces the bounce rate, and will also boost your site’s rankings.



To find out where your site or a certain keyword is ranking, it is advised that you turn on the incognito mode or private mode if you’re using Google Chrome.

If you don’t use the incognito mode, there’s a chance that you’ll be receiving personalized results as Google might be showing you URLs based on your previous searches.



Rich Snippets have been giving visitors a sneak peek of what a page entails in search engines. However, opposed to popular belief, rich snippets might not have any direct influence on a page’s rank position. All they do is just to give additional information to a search result, which will not in any way affect the rankings.

Though they might not have an advantage when it comes to the ultimate objective of SEO, rich snippets might make it simpler to have a page or website indexed. They also play an important role by convincing clients to check out your website. This will result in enhanced traffic plus conversion rate, which might in turn help to boost your rankings in the search engine results.



Although the best SEO online certification course is beneficial, sometimes it might take a long time for you in getting apt results. Like what you want exactly. You can get confused in the meanwhile, and this is not a great thing as it can lead to pretty much a result which will turn out to be bad. As already mentioned obtaining immediate results or achievements is not something that can happen like magic in the digital market. The information which is made available online is large and in varied form, so it will ultimately take time for people to recognize your business and other value.



Many people think that being zealous (viral) is the ultimate way to succeed and accomplish targets. But that is not the truth. It is not the case entirely. One of the main causes as to what the marketers think is that if the content goes viral randomly, then there are outcomes of success. Well, that is the truth and that can be the true going randomly viral and getting so much attention can increase the success. But this can also happen that it can lead to a state of responsiveness which is untenable in the long-run realistically if you see. There can also be a negative outcome also.


Today, SEO is a vital part of any marketing plan. It is the most reliable way to increase your online visibility and reach consumers as they’re actively seeking information. It also offers a wealth of advantages that no other digital marketing tactic can provide.

For many marketers, the most important draw is that it allows them to earn new clients without paying for ad space. For others, it’s that organic results earn even more clicks and attention than ads.

Beyond that, the right strategy can also help you improve your brand’s PR and move ahead of your competitors.

And considering all of these clear advantages, there’s no reason not to optimize your site.

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