The carpet in your home is a major component to determine the standard of the living space. So when it comes to maintaining the pristine appearance of your home, carpet holds the major concern and demands to be dust and pollutant free to get a hygienic place to live. Moreover, buying a carpet might have taken a hefty amount of money that you would definitely want it to last longer. To keep your carpet looking and smelling best, experts recommend to deep clean it occasionally, which is once in 12-18 months. However, the cleaning frequency may vary based on the fabric type and lifestyle of the people who are using it.

Here are 5 factors that help you in determining the cleaning frequency you require for your carpet.

  • Frequency of vacuuming: Vacuuming once a week will help your carpet to last long, do you know why? It removes the loose particles from the surface before they get settled deep into the carpet. In many cases, everyday vacuuming makes the span between deep cleaning schedules a bit longer. However, no matter how frequently you do vacuuming, you may need to call the professionals for the best carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne to remove deeply ingrained dirt and stains.
  • Does anyone in your house suffer from allergy? Carpet fibre absorbs the allergens that float around the air. As the days pass, these allergy-causing particles cause buildup in the carpet, and as soon as anyone walks over it, the pollutants become airborne again. Only a thorough cleaning can remove these allergens away while leaving a healthy environment to live.
  • The colour of your carpet: A light coloured carpet no doubt looks great while brightening up the indoors. But, unfortunately, it reveals the dirt and stains more. Hence, maintaining the brightness of light-coloured carpet requires frequent cleaning than the darker one. Through it is not a bad thing to consider, since the light colour work as a reminder to tell whether the carpet has severely got dirty and helped you to determine if you need professional carpet cleaning.
  • Does your carpet type require particular cleaning schedule? Many carpet manufacturers require you to follow certain cleaning regime to keep your carpet in warranty. However, you must clean your carpet professionally at least once or twice in a year. Additionally, save the receipts of the carpet cleaning service in St Kilda, in case there is any warranty issue arises. You will have the proof of cleaning that it has followed all the instructions with proper care, as stated in the manufacturer's guideline.
  • Pets and children in your home: If you share your house with your furry friend, the regular cleaning will get extra importance. Even, the well-groomed pets can create a mess. They are sometimes the bearer of outside dirt and grime into the home. And, it's not uncommon how they distribute feces and urine on your carpet. Children cause the same mess with dirty footprints, fingerprints, their experiment with different items, vomiting and even food spilling. So, pet and children really make it challenging to keep the carpet clean for long. Moreover, both pets and children are sensitive to harsh cleaning agents that require eco-friendly cleaning, and professionals nowadays easily deal with it.

The bottom line is the more people in your household, the more traffic your carpet will get. Unless the dirt and stain are periodically removed, they lead to permanent wear patterns to your carpet.

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The author works in a professional team of best carpet steam cleaning professionals in Melbourne for years. With plenty of field knowledge, the author loves educating the readers about the role of carpet cleaning experts to save business money and boosting productivity.