Are you guys fed up with your daily workouts for lower abs? Do you wish to have lean and muscular lower abs as the aesthetic bodybuilders? Well, if you are that guy, then you have landed at the perfect place.

Getting perfect six-pack abs is not an easy job but instead the hardest thing on bodybuilding. Eventhough you tend to get six-pack abs, it is tough to maintain the abs and stay on form.

We know that to get perfect six-pack abs, we need to train every part of the abs, i.e., upper abs, side abs, and lower abs. Well, in my case, I feel the hardest part is lower abs as this is the area where your foods are stored, and belly gets hanged.

So, without a core workout and right instructions, it won’t be any easy to have a perfectly shaped lower abs. Here are the top four extreme workouts for lower abs that I personally recommend you to perform every day for your perfectly shaped six-pack abs.

Hanging Leg Raise
Hanging Leg Raise
Always begin your lower abs workout with a hanging leg raise as it is an ultra-hard and extremely effective workout for lower abs. This exercise requires extreme effort and energy, which is why I recommend you to perform at the beginning.

Stepwise instruction:
1. Hold the hanging bar with both your hands at equal distance from the center of the bar.

2. Hand your entire body and stay in a straight position.

3. Slowly raise both legs towards yourself without moving your upper body.

4. Hold for a second and get down the legs then repeat the process 8 to 10 times.

workouts for lower abs
Weighted Crunches
Normal crunches aren’t really enough for a hardcore lower abs, so for better results and more effectiveness, crunches shall be performed with carrying extra weights. The harder is the workout; the better is the outcome. So, weighted crunches shall be performed for lower abs.

Stepwise instructions:
1. Lie down on a floor or on a cardio mat with your feet below any stable objects.

2. Grab a weight (dumbbell) and slowly lift up your upper body and crunch your abdomen muscles.

3. Hold to position for a second and release it back to the initial position.

4. Repeat the process as much you can for extreme pressure on the lower abs.

Swiss Ball Plank
Swiss Ball Plank
If you have done plank on a floor, then while performing this Swiss ball plank workout, you can learn quickly and perform better. Plank workout is one of the best exercises for core abs. And, with a Swiss ball plank, you can get a better and quicker result as it is harder to perform than a normal plank.

Stepwise instructions:
1. Get in a plank position with your hands on top of the Swiss ball.

2. Stretch back your legs and get your hips up, crunching your abdomens.

3. Remain in a straight position focusing on your abs.

4. Hold the position until your abs burns.

Mountain Climber
Mountain Climber
Ever wonder why those people who go for a trekking or hiking time and again do have a well-maintained body and slim belly? Well, this exercise is influenced by the mountain climber as we need to perform this workout similarly as climbing mountains.

This workout not only helps you get your lower abs but also helps in strengthening your thigh muscle.

Stepwise instructions:
1. Get down on the floor with the support of your hands and legs as the position of push-ups.

2. Then, lift up your right foot towards your right chest and left foot towards the left chest alternatively one after another.

3. Keep going the same process focusing on your lower abs.

4. Try to keep your hips straight to your upper body.

Workouts for lower abs
Lying Leg Raise
If you haven’t already tried this exercise, then I personally recommend you to perform this workout every day and feel the change yourself. This is a really effective lower abs workout and alternative workout of hanging leg raise.

People who feel hard to perform hanging leg raise and who usually workout at home without hanging bars can easily perform this lying leg raise.

Stepwise instructions:
1. Lie down on the floor or workout mat on your back.

2. Get your body in a straight position with your arms below your butt facing downwards.

3. Slowly lift up both your legs attaching together without moving your upper body.

4. Hold your legs for a second on a 90-degree angle with your upper body.

5. Repeat the process until you can.

Well, these are the top five extreme workouts for lower abs that I personally perform on my lower abs routine. If you wish to have perfect abs then please do follow these exercises and have a change on your belly.

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Fitness has always been an inspiration in my life. As a fitness member, i want to share my knowledge regarding the fitness stuffs.

I have joined gym club for almost three years now. I was a small thin guy at my teen age had no hope that i would become a bodybuilder. But now, it has been possible because of hard work, focus and well managed diet which is a must for bodybuilding.

So, I am here to share my experience and knowledge about the fitness and bodybuilding for you guy so you can have bigger body and be proud of yourself.