As we know a website is your medium to get in touch with your potential Customer. The search engine works for the website to make you visible and give you global online preference. So one of the main key to creating a successful website is to must be an SEO friendly.
This post will help you to understand how to design an SEO Friendly website.

Nowadays creating a beautiful functional website is just not enough. If you really want to obtain the benefit of having an online preference then SEO is important. SEO is a tactic or technique by which we can visibility of any website in search engine through the organic result.
Here I am going to share some guidelines by which you can create SEO Friendly easily.

1.SEO Site Audit – If you are going to develop SEO Friendly website that means the site will design with no hurdles to Search engine guideline. So the best time to consider SEO friendly website is while site design. You have to examine various Stages while designing and development to confirm Search engine responsiveness.

2.Keyword Research – if you want Success in SEO then you have to focus on the most important thing I mean Keyword. You have to focus on a right keyword which helps to the target right market. It’s very important when you are going to develop a website to first establish what the business objectives are. What type of market are you going to target local or global? With this plan, you can then create pages that target these specific keywords.
Steps to find Relevant Keyword-

i. Make a list of business likely keyword.
ii. Want more ideas and information about your keyword then just put up your keyword in Google Keyword planner then you will find more information related to keyword with search volume.
iii. Build a final keyword list and Target keywords with a high search volume and low competition.
Placement of Keyword- Once you decide to the keyword for your website. It’s time to placement of keyword. Here are the best places that you would place keywords when designing the site include:

I. Title tag
ii. Meta description and keywords
iii. Website slogans and website proper Navigation
iv. H1, H2 and H3 tags
v. Alt text
vi. The title attribute on links
vii. Internal and Footer links
viii. SEO friendly URL’s
ix. File / folder names

3.SEO friendly Navigation and Linking Structure – Once you have decided Content and keyword for the website then it’s time to develop link structure that allows site visitors to the easy navigation of the website. Having searched engine navigation and linking means build a structure that search engine follows.

For example: - In a previous company I was working as SEO Analyst. They sold printer cartridges and ink worldwide and they weren’t sure how to initiate the website, perhaps by type of machine (printers, photocopier, faxes, scanners etc.) or by type of product (Ribbons, Cartridges, etc.).

But the search shows people always searched toner and ink with a brand name. So we decided to design the website with brand or manufacturer as the main categories menu to submenus with a brand product.

4.Targeting website content and URl- It always essential that each web page has SEO friendly URL by which search engine quickly identify the pages. And also make sure to include one keyword in URL. And another most essential part of any website is each page has well written HTML Title (70 words maximum including space) and Meta Description should be 160 characters.

5. Image Alt Attribute and Heading Tags – Search engine always read alt attributes and make them into reflection and when the relevancy of the pages to the keywords a searcher queries. The reason behind images should be optimized 1. Faster loading time 2. Increase search engine visibility.

How to Optimize SEO Image: -

i. Try to keep the image size as small as possible
ii. Keep all images in a folder with proper name
iii. Make sure Alt text should be a relevant keyword
Make good uses of heading tags in web pages. They provide information to the search engine in HTML document and they often place higher value rather than other text on the web pages.

Extra Tips

Make sure about to create Social media friendly website. Social media helps to increase a brand’s authority and enhancement overall growth. To make sure about media sharing buttons on every page.

Conclusion –

These are also various ways to ensure website visibility in SERP. Is it not possible to take a 1# of google after finishing website design? Rankings will improve suddenly if you have a compact basis for a website. By taking these point in mind, you will be capable of making a website that is SEO friendly.

Author's Bio: 

I am Saurabh, working as webmaster and content writer at Techibhai. I love to interact with minded blogger and write about SEO, Web design, Development trick and much more.