Modern technologies have developed solutions for almost every problem. The introduction of Painless Delivery Hospitals has created a safe space for women as pregnancy and childbirth are stressful events in a woman's life.

Post Natal Care

Post-Partum or Post-Natal period begins immediately after the birth of a child. It continues until the mother’s body has regained the hormone levels and uterus conditions that existed before pregnancy. The best lady gynecologist in Gurgaon recommends exceptional standards of care for new mothers. It is a sensitive time for the mental and physical health of women with newborn children.

The following are guidelines that need to be followed when dealing with new mothers:

  1. Rest
  2. After the delivery, Gynaecologists in Panchkula and other surrounding areas recommend complete rest for new mothers. A new mother is discharged as soon as her mental and physical state is stable.
    It is difficult to maintain an 8-hour sleep schedule for a new mother, as babies have different sleep cycles. It is essential that a mother gets as much sleep as the baby to provide proper nutrition during breastfeeding.

  3. Nutrition
  4. It is crucial for new mothers to follow a balanced diet. The body goes through several changes and needs to be brought back to its original state with proper nutrition and diet. A balanced diet includes various food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fats, and sugars. Expert dietician in Panchkula and nearby places suggest you follow this protocol of health and nutrition.

  5. Exercise
  6. Exercising is crucial for expectant and new mothers as the body needs restoration from the changes it experiences during childbirth. It is endorsed by top mother and child hospitals in Panchkula to adopt rituals in the daily routine that will benefit the rejuvenation of the female, post-natal body.
    10-15 minutes of walking in the sun help to refresh the body internally.

  7. Mental Health
  8. As a new mother, you are expected to be left feeling exhausted all the time, and without proper sleep schedules or routine diet. It is crucial in this time to assertively look after your mental health and get help when needed. Post-partum depression is often experienced due to the neglect of the mental health and safety of new mothers.
    New parents often experience being surrounded by friends and family, and it is vital for mothers to excuse themselves for taking care of themselves.

  9. Safety at Work
  10. The body regenerates, and employed women get back to work. Your doctors should back this decision as it is essential to verify the development of your body. You must also be aware of your employer's policies regarding health and safety of new mothers.

Enjoying Motherhood

The most important aspect is to enjoy the experience of reproduction and motherhood. It is essential to recognize the vulnerability of the mother's physical abilities and mental thresholds to ensure their health and safety. Moving past all taboos in the society, new mothers need patience, rest, and their own space. This makes the process of rejuvenation organic.

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