Garage is an area where a lot of traffic and dirt are found, which can lead to worn-down. Keeping the garage floor clean is quite challenging task. However, if your garage has epoxy flooring, it is quite easy to take care by performing regular cleaning along with proper maintenance. With the help of preventive maintenance your garage will look new for years. 

Here are the five effective for maintain your epoxy garage flooring:

  • Sweep it Frequently

This is the simplest method for maintaining your epoxy garage floor. Sweeping your garage floor helps to reduce the dirt and debris. You can perform the sweeping every month by using a wide push broom. This cleaning task for your epoxy garage flooring is extremely important during and after the winter months. Sweeping is the one of the most effective steps of maintaining garage floor. 

  • Remove the Oil Stains

Oil spills can be a huge risk for slips and falls. Hence, it is best to clean them immediately for preventing any accident or stain from forming on your garage floor. For removing oil stains, you need to at first absorb the excess oils with the help of sprinkling sawdust on the affected area. You can gently step on the stain to ensure that the residual oil gets soaked up, after that you need to sweep and dispose the cloth. After that you need to apply epoxy degreaser to the stain and let it sit for minimum 45 minutes or an hour. Subsequent to this, scrub the area vigorously with a nylon brush before rinsing it with water. 

  • Do a Deep Cleaning Every Month

Your epoxy garage flooring can be kept in good shape, only if you opt for deep cleaning at least once in every month. To perform the deep cleaning of your epoxy garage floors, you will be requiring tools and solutions. Make sure to have at least had two best quality solutions for deep cleaning the floor. Among the two options one must be a eco-friendly cleanser and another must be ammonia based. If you can mix these cleansers with the right amount of water, then these cleansers are safe and more effective on epoxy floors. Make sure to mix half cup of any of the solutions with 3.8 litres of water; this is the right mixture to make the solution more potent as well as safe. 

  • Scrub the Rust Stains

When scrubbing the floors you can easily remove the dirt and scuffs, rust stains. The best way to remove the rust stains from your epoxy flake flooring in Melbourne make sure to use trisodium phosphate in a gallon of water and pour it in the epoxy floor. Let the mixture rest in the floor till 20 minutes, and then scrub the stain using a push broom that consists of rigid bristles, after that rinse it properly with water. 

Last Verdict!

Therefore, these are the effective ways on how to clean indoor epoxy floors. Besides, the best way to maintain epoxy floors to is by hiring professionals who have proper expertise in maintaining this type of floor.

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The author has been providing services epoxy garage flooring for many years. Furthermore, the author is renowned in offering standard quality maintenance of epoxy flake flooring in Melbourne with the help experts.