Our health not only depends on what we eat, but also on how we eat. Now a days people are becoming conscious on what they eat, but still there is less awareness on eating habits. We have developed our eating habits from childhood and it becomes difficult to change them. In this article, I want to make you consciously aware of those bad eating habit, which is a first step to overcome them. I can assure you that if you avoid below bad eating habits, then it will not only help you in good health, but also in losing weight.

Over eating - We cannot resist ourselves when we see our favorite food item. It often results in overeating and because of which sometimez it is difficult to breathe as well. We fill our stomach so much with food that no place is left for water and air. Our body has limited capacity to digest the food and that's why overeating results in indigestion, acidity, stomachache, etc. My yoga teacher told us that to satisfy five Inch of tongue, we give trouble to our five foot body. It is always advisable to eat when you are hungry and eat less than your hunger.

Late night eating - Our lifestyle has become so busy that we don't realize at what time we are eating. Due to late shifts and long working hours people eat very late in the night and then they immediately go to sleep. Our digestion system doesn't get enough time to digest the food. Imagine what will happen if you put the raw food in the microwave and you switch it off in the middle. You won't be able to eat that food. Similarly your body won't be able to process the food properly and it will create many diseases.

Drinking water between meals - We usually drink water with or immediately after our meals, which is a wrong habit. We feel the thirst and drink water at the time of taking our meals. The main reason is that we do not chew our food properly and therefore we just swallow it. We do not allow the digestive saliva of the mouth to mix with food, so we throw food down into our stomach with lots of water. Water actually hinders the process of digestion. Moreover, because of the pressure of water the intestines are not able to absorb all the digested food and it passes off the intestines. Water should be taken only half an hour before or one hour after the meals.

Skipping meals - People do hard work to have good food and then they don't have time to eat food. I have also seen many people who in the name of dieting skip their meals. One of my friends told me that he skip lunch and take heavy dinner, which helps him in losing weight. It is very dangerous because when your system needs food you avoid it and when it needs less at that time you dump more. Believe me; skipping meals will never help you in losing weight, In fact it will gain more. Making healthy choices will lead to natural weight loss. When you skip meals you are not giving your body the energy it needs to properly function.

Mindless eating - We have created habit of doing some activities while eating, specially watching TV. Our attention is more on the TV serials and less on what we are eating. Some people have habit of reading newspaper while having breakfast. We are so lost that we don't even realize what is the color and taste of the food? Eating food is a ritual. We should be thankful to god that he gave us food and then enjoy each bite of it. We should be mindful that it is a holy process through which food turns into energy which runs our body. We should be in pleasant mood when we eat because it will then generate good energy in our body.

Our body is god’s gift and so as our food. We should respect it and should consider it as a god’s blessing. I know you cannot change your bad eating habits in one day, but take a first step and focus on one bad habit at a time. It is not difficult especially when you realize that it is not good for your health.

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Samir Kunvaria is a student of self improvement and he sahres his knowledge on his blog www.selfawake.com