Whether you want to sell and impress potential buyers, or you just love having a stylish home. These tips interest you.

In this digital age, images are the most important thing and, definitely, an image says more than a thousand words about a home. Whether you are trying to capture the perfect photograph to promote it on Instagram or simply want the property to look like a magazine during the visit of the potential buyer, we have for you a series of tips that will make any house the most photogenic.
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1. Let in natural light
There's nothing like bright, hugging daylight that is sure to give any room a gorgeous glow - pull back those drapes and let the sunlight in. Whether or not you plan to take a photo, it will feel like a Kodak moment. One of the biggest missteps for interior photographers is capturing spaces with lamps and light fixtures turned on - this will cause an unsightly yellow cast in the final photograph. Instead, we recommend taking the photos using natural daylight or editing the exposure digitally.
2. Keep the place clean
Celebrated interior designer Nate Berkus once gave such great (and obvious) advice that we can't pass it up: "The simplest way to make your home look better is to clean it, and it costs you nothing!" A super easy way to make your home more than ready to be photographed is to clean the surfaces and pick up any objects that are out of place. As he says: "It can never be a beautiful space if disorder prevents you from seeing the furniture and its surfaces."

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3. Place fresh flowers
It's amazing what a few fresh flowers can do in a home, the little burst of color and life instantly makes the room hard for a paparazzo to pass by.
4. Create depth Organizing accessories in a straight, rigid line is often a good idea, but not the rule. Most of the time you will get a better image if the objects are a little misaligned: put a bowl a few inches to the right of the table lamp, instead of placing them perfectly aligned. The staggering of the accessories creates depth and makes any surface appear more attractive.
5. Add books There is no science to this, but we all know that there is something special about placing a stack of books and how that brings the perfect finishing touch to any space. Do you feel that the table in the living room or the shelf in your bedroom just doesn't convince you? Put some interesting tomes in them and voila! You will have a place waiting to be photographed and shared on Instagram or Facebook.
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