Well, if you are a homemaker and you have an exceptional love for your kitchenware, there are high chances that you are a big-time hoarder of dinner sets.

But do you think that your precious pieces of dinner set lose their charm too quickly?

That’s because you might be doing some things wrong with those pretty little pieces.

Do you instantly put your new dishes and containers in your dishwasher right after you have finished eating in them?
Let me tell you, this is one of the biggest factors that might be doing trouble to your dinner set.

I know, I know, you would never want to distance yourself from all those beautiful dinner sets online that you found. But because of little mistakes here and there, you might have to do so.

So, here are some easy-peasy tips that will help you in not only maintaining the glory of your dinner set online but also increase its life overtime.

· All Dinner Sets Are Not Microwave Safe: A lot of people make the mistake of putting their favorite dinner set in the microwave without checking even if it is microwave safe or not. Just like your casual dinnerware, though they are easy to wash, unbreakable and durable but these are not right fit to be put into a microwave or oven with food in them. They begin melting from inside leading to some harmful chemicals getting mixed in your food.

Hence, next time when you buy a casual dinner set, make sure that you double check whether or not it is microwave safe.

· Don’t Let Food Sit On Them For Long: Once you have finished eating, make sure that you do at least a quick run through of your dishes from water. Do not let your food sit on them for long or even don’t let your food stick to the surface of your dinner set pieces. This may lead to discoloration and even spoil the surface of your best pieces.

· Do Not Use Extremely Hot Water: Though some dishes need hot water to clean them but using extremely hot water won’t be advisable at all. This will spoil the upper layer of your pieces even leading to melting. It is always a good idea to use lukewarm water instead of hot water to wash your kitchen belongings.

· Special Care Tips For Extremely Delicate Dinner Sets: If you have invested in something like fine china dishes or porcelain you already know how fragile these are. Thus, you need to be extra cautious while washing them. Some special care tips for pieces like this are:
1. Use mild detergents and lukewarm water,
2. Spread a towel in your sink before washing them,
3. Don’t use a new or hard scrub and,
4. Don’t put too much pressure on them while washing.

· Don’t Store Them In Stacks: Are you in the habit of keeping your dinner sets one over another? You need to stop that right now. You need to avoid putting too much weight or too much pressure on those delicate pieces if you do not want any cracks in them. You may also go a step further and spread a soft cotton cloth under all of your dinner sets to keep them safe and avoid direct contact with the surface.

These little things won’t take a lot of your time but can do a lot of good to your dinner sets. Make sure to give them a try and you will love the results.
All the best!

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