Make sure you follow these steps for car buying!

Part 1 - Budget Planning
Before you start shopping for cars, know about what price you are looking for. There's a lot of different people shopping for cars - some have extra money and others have a tighter budget. Don't purchase a car that is out of your price range, go for something affordable.

Part 2 - Research
Figure out what features you are looking for and what features you would like. Some cars have nifty gizmos and features that you may not need. Do you want a new car or used car? These are all things you should have nailed down before you make that purchase. While some people prefer looks over features, others need that 12" bass with iPod connectivity. Would you be happy with a sports car in 5 years or do you foresee yourself needing a larger vehicle like a van or SUV? Be prepared and
get an idea of what you'll use the car for.

Part 3 - Get a Car Loan
Many people would like to buy a car but do not know what the best price is for their APR or where they'll get the money. Don't hesitate - getting your financing in order is quick and easy. Contact your banks, credit unions and your dealership to get an idea of what a good loan rate is. The more you shop around for financing, the better deal you will get.

Step 4 - Sell your Current Car
KBB and many other resources have tools available on the internet to help you find the value of your car. Many dealerships offer trade-in value for the car or otherwise you can sell it yourself on Craigslist and other sites.

Step 5 - Buy your New Car
You're ready to purchase a new car! Make sure you test drive your car, are 100% sure you want that particular color and trim. Happy Driving!

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Our Los Angeles Toyota dealer knows that customers want a great deal. MDR Toyota is committed to happy customers and we've prepared this handy guide for you. Not sure about the steps in buying a car? Contact our dealership and we'll help you out.

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