It gets extremely hot outside, with the temperature reaching almost triple digits in several parts of the nation, the air conditioning systems are functioning extra hard in order to keep the environment cool inside. Whilst air conditioners provide extreme comfort; they also consume a considerable amount of power. The energy information administration estimates the cooling accounts for nearly 6 per cent of the total energy used. Thus, there are certain steps, which you can take in order to stay cool as well as save energy in the hot summer seasons.

Be a fan of fans

For the centralised air conditioning systems, a normal ceiling fan will make it possible for you to raise the setting of thermostat about four degrees Fahrenheit devoid of compromising with your comfort. In case, you have a window AC installed, and you must try making use of a fan in order to spread the air coming out of cooler to the various parts of the room as well as the house. This is one of the best approaches adopted by many homeowners for keeping their house cool and making energy-efficient homes in Melbourne.

Maintain the equipment

How long has it been that you swapped out the air conditioner filter? Replacing the filter routinely will make it feasible for you in lowering the air conditioners energy consumption from about 5 to 15 per cent. Besides, even with the filters, the system’s evaporator coils at times can accumulate dirt. Thus, it is of paramount importance for you to check as well as clean these in order to enhance the flow of air.

Set up the thermostat

When it comes to the cooling of the home, each and every single degree plays an essential role. You can save nearly 10 per cent on cooling costs every year through turning the thermostat up from 7 to 10 degrees, basically from its normal cooling setting only 8 hours per day. You must note that the smaller the difference amid the outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower will be the overall cooling bill.

Seal the cracks

It is essential to keep the warm air out, as it plays a crucial role in staying cool in the bright and hot summer days. You must check out for the cracks present near the edges of doors and windows, and on identification, you must apply weather-stripping or caulk in order to seal them up.

Blocking the sun

If you are outside, the shade is a welcome, as it respites you from having a glare at the hot summer sun. The similar can be stated for the interior of the home as well. It is necessary to opt for the energy-efficient window treatments such as blinds in order to block the sunlight from coming inside, as well as keep the heat out of the room. Along with this, extremely reflective blinds tend to slash the heat gain around 45 per cent when they are completely lowered and closed. Also, for better ideas, you can hire energy-efficient home builders who provide services for ecologically friendly home design in Melbourne.

Last Verdict!

Therefore, these are some of the hacks energy at the same time keeping your home cool. Moreover, you can consider taking suggestions from a certified company that provides services for the eco-house building in Melbourne.

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