In today’s modern era, social media networking is growing at an extremely high rate. People are very fond of using different social media networks on daily basis.One of the most commonly used social media platforms is Instagram. Every individual wants to, boost their Instagram Followers. The main problem that arises here is… how can we attract more and more Instagram Followers? This article provides an answer to all such questions arising in the mind of beginners.

Here’s a list of 5 ways through which you can attract more Instagram followers:
1) Catchy Username: As soon as you proceed to make a new Instagram account. There’s a need for a username in your profile. This seems quite simple but a good and catchy username helps you to attract a lot of Instagram followers. For example. If you u have a business account make sure that your username symbolizes your content. Your username should be 100% unique and attractive.

2) Informative Bio: Instagram allows you to add a link to your bio. If you have any YouTube channel or website. You can provide a link to the same in your Instagram bio. This will make your profile more genuine and your followers will get proper information about your work.

3) Attractive Posts: If you have any business or a personal account. Make sure your Instagram posts are relevant. Search on the web about the needs of the people and what people are usually looking for. Post something on which people find interesting to look at and share as well. Be consistent in posting content on your account.

4) Everyday Stories: Don’t forget to add your posts to your stories every day. This will help people to reach out to your posts and you will gain new Instagram Followers too.Get a proper layout for your story. There are numerous options available online to make an attractive Instagram story. You can use them to make your stories more attractive. On the other hand, highlight important stories on your profile too. These highlights will provide prior information on your Instagram handle and will not get automatically deleted until you do so.

5) Use Proper Hashtags: Hashtags play an important role in attracting Instagram Followers. Add different hashtags related to your content while posting something. For example, if you are posting food-related stuff use hashtags like #foodie, #foodislife, #streetfood, etc. Now the question is what impact these hashtags make? Whenever people will search for certain hashtags, your post will be displayed automatically to them. In this way more and more people will approach your profile and, will follow if they liked your content.

Following, these 5 simple ways you can attract great traffic on your Instagram handle. Keeping, simple points in mind while posting something on Instagram can help you a lot in boosting your account. This will not only make you attract more followers but can also make your posts viral in many cases.

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One of the most commonly used social media platforms is Instagram. Every individual wants to, boost their Instagram Followers.