The talk on automated payroll systems has been around for quite some time now and nearly half of the business population in India have initiated their shift towards it or have at least considered the possibilities of payroll software replacing traditional payroll processing.

The primary emphasis for any business is to establish a strong command over its core business operations like payroll processing. With an ardent focus on achieving business targets, it becomes challenging when HR employees are stuck executing manual data entry or commercial calculations. Such tasks take up a large chunk of time and become tedious. HRs find themselves in a loop performing daily record maintenance and data collection.

This is where the need for payroll management software arises. Such systems aid in systematizing the whole payroll process. They are typically programmed to function based on algorithms and predefined commands that automate rule-based tasks involved in payroll. 

That said, not every payroll system in the Indian market offers the desired advantages. Keeping the same point in mind, businesses must invest in the best software

Now, to make your selection process easier and right, here are some must-do steps: 


Do Make A List of Your Needs 

Always start the selection process by making a requirement list. This list in particular must include the features the company expects in its payroll software. While making this list, HR managers should consider the challenges they and their employees face on a daily basis. This step can work wonders and help companies to get their selection right the first time. 


Do Ensure Seamless Integration 

When the data of a company goes on to the cloud, it is critical to consider the data flow mechanism between various solutions. Payroll data normally have two data points: a larger HR system for managing employee lifecycle, and financial ERP systems for managing the accounting and finance books. Companies must understand the data flow protocols being used by the vendors, and how compatible they are with their existing systems. This step will ensure the security of exchange and processing of data over the cloud.

Imagine a situation where your employee data, including payroll and other personal information, is inadvertently sent via email to an external recipient. This is possible if the systems in your company are incompatible with each other. That being said, take the time and understand how well the payroll management software will integrate with your existing systems.


Do Check Scalability 

Companies should also make sure that a payroll system’s features upgrade without disrupting services in the long run. As your business grows and expands, your software should not just scale up but also continuously update the technological improvements. Never sign on a provider working with the latest technology, only to find out two years down the line that they have not kept pace with the cloud-based payroll industry. Now, the best way to ensure you both are on the same page is to share your technological roadmap. 


Do Consider Data Security 

While choosing payroll management software for your company, make sure you know everything about their data security plan. Make sure the vendor offers a robust and secure intrusion prevention system. Do not hesitate to ask some basic questions regarding access controls, audit logs, intrusion prevention and detection system, risk mitigation for breaches, etc. Remember, having three or four layers of data security is a good sign. 


Do Check Their Track Record 

This is one of the best practices while selecting a payroll system. Companies should check whether the payroll provider has a good record of providing what they promise, it has been consistent with technology upgrades, and has satisfied clients. This way, companies can easily zero down one of the top-notch payroll systems with the right features and benefits. 

So, these are the five must-do steps in a selection process. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best payroll management software and change payroll meaning in your organization.

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