Home improvement can be overwhelming especially if you have a tight budget. However, it is not impossible to achieve your dream house makeover with some help and creativity. You can save a lot of money if you learn to do the makeover yourself instead of hiring a professional. Check out these 5 DIY home decors to inspire and help you in redesigning your home.

One way to give your house a facelift with a low budget is by redecorating instead of renovating. Your goal should be to keep as much as you can while finding ways to make your dated space look new. Take advantage of these 5 home décor ideas to improve the look of your house.

5 Home Décor Ideas to Have a Modern and Appealing House.

  1. Wall Mural. Let your wall take you to a different place with its unique and colorful design. Painting a wall mural is affordable and something you can do yourself regardless of whether you are an artist or not. Simple drawings such as trees, flowers or colorful shapes can have a big impact when painted on the wall. If you are not bold enough to draw the first brush stroke on your wall, you can try it out on a large canvas, or buy a printed wall mural and place it on the wall.  
  2. Gallery Wall. Another easy and very affordable way to add style in your house is by displaying a gallery of artworks on your wall. This idea is not only limited to photographs in frames as you can also display flags, maps, souvenirs, or artifacts to make it unique and personalized. Gallery walls are great in letting your visitors know a different side and your personal interests.
  3. Indoor Plants. Bringing nature inside your house is simple yet can make the room look elegant. It improves the ambiance of the house making it look peaceful and relaxing. There is a wide selection of indoor plants you can choose from. From large palm trees which looks great in living rooms and kitchens to small hanging plants you can display near the window or in bathrooms. Most indoor plants are low maintenance and only require watering once or twice a week . A great advantage of having plants inside the house is they serve as air purifier and improves the quality of air inside the room.
  4. Shelves. Floating shelves is a new trend in home designs. They are space saver, attractive, and functional. Shelves allows you to display home decors such as vase, frames, and ornaments but in modern designs they become the center of attraction. Unique and appealing floating shelves look minimalist and make the room look bright and airy. Floating shelves are often featured in home design magazines and social media pages. You can search for different shelves designs and patterns on the internet for inspiration.
  5. On Theme Appliances. Since domestic appliances are found in every room of the house, it is just appropriate to include them in decorating the house and treating them as part of the decor. Choosing appliances that compliments the design and color scheme of your house make your house look new and modern. You do not have to change all of your appliances all at once as it can be expensive. Start with small and most displayed appliances such as the electric kettle in the kitchen, air humidifier in the living room, and lamp shades in the bed room. Modern appliances allow you to choose different colors and designs unlike before when you had very limited choices.

Try these 5 DIY home decors ideas to improve the look of your house. With little creativity, you can transform your house to a modern design even with a tight budget.

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