People ask me a lot of questions, so I thought it would be useful to gather a few of the most important ones together and answer them here in one place.

These questions are important because their answers can save you from making costly missteps as well as dramatically boost your sales and impact in the world.
So enjoy this smorgasbord, covering the gamut from product development to charging what you’re worth to conquering stage fright, just below.

1. How can I conquer my fear before going on stage?

When I start experiencing stage fright, it’s usually because I am focused on myself, how I’m going to do, if I’m prepared enough, how I look, will they like me, etc… The minute I catch myself in that cycle, I remember that it’s not about me, and I shift my attention to them. I think about the message I want to give them, the transformation I want to provide that day, and what I can say to really make their time with me worthwhile. As my attention shifts from me to them, my stage fright instantly goes away!

2. What makes a good bonus?

A good bonus is something the client would want anyway. It’s something they’re salivating for. When you combine such a bonus with an “act now” limiter, your prospects have the option of “thinking about it” and paying hundreds or thousands for that bonus later, or acting now and getting it free.

Another great bonus is something that handles an objection that would keep a prospect from buying. For instance, if I'm selling Speak-to-Sell and people think, “Okay great, I'll do my talk and my offer but I have no clue how to get booked,” and then we give them our Get Booked Toolkit as a bonus, the problem of getting booked and having their talk are solved, and their main objection disappears.

3. Should I take a client who is telling me that the other programs they've invested in “didn't work”?

Before you take the step of working together, especially if it’s at a higher level, you really need to suss out what didn't work for them. Otherwise your program may end up being the next one that failed for them.

When I’m in that situation, I ask what the programs were that they invested in and implemented and didn't work. If they list, say, three different experts that I respect and admire, I know something’s wrong. So I’ll say, “That’s amazing because they have many success stories in your field. What do you think it was that didn't click? Also, can you tell me about your implementation? I really want to talk this through because I want you to see results, and I’m not willing to be the next person on your list.”

4. How can I be confident that my price is worth it?

In order to be confident about what you charge for your services, look at one of your best client success stories and ask yourself, “What would the cost have been to this client had she not invested in my product or service?” For instance would she be divorced, broke, estranged from her teenager? What do you imagine someone would pay if they knew that they were headed toward divorce and your mentorship could turn that around and save their marriage and family? That is the value of what you provide. Make sure that value is in the forefront of your mind when you state your rate and the words will flow with confidence and ease.

5. How can I keep people from refunding in the lag time before my program starts?

To keep the sales you’ve made, you need to get people started with your work right away, through what I call “stick strategies.” Stick strategies allow you to start serving your people right away — so they won’t even think about doing anything but going forward with your work.
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