Staying competitive and productive is vital to your business growth. That is why reevaluating the lead generation program of your business from time to time is very important.

Is it working effectively? Are your telemarketing strategies still driving desired results? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself to determine whether or not your business is still receiving a steady supply of quality sales leads.

That said, before things get out of hand, you have make sure to look out for these five crucial signs that may put your lead generation efforts down the drain.

1. Your competitor looks better. Do some research on your competition. If you notice that their marketing ideas are better than yours, then you should definitely worry. You have to make necessary changes and improvement on your lead generation program and strategies.

Be sure to be always ahead of the game. There is no other way but stay competitive. If you cannot achieve that, how would you expect your targeted consumers to find your business?

2. Your company can’t connect with your customers. Know where to find your costumers, and reach out to them. Unless you know where to find them and establish a relationship with them, you will only be wasting your time and money. It is also best to hire a reliable and professional lead generation outsourcing partner who specializes in this field and help you improve your client acquisition efforts.

3. Not delivering the promise. A big part of all your lead generation campaign is to offer a promise that you can deliver. Successful companies are successful because they consistently deliver on their promise, or even exceed the expectations of their customers. Failure to do so can seriously harm your business and cause you to lose a lot of customers to the competitors.

4. Still a lot of people don’t know about your company. Donald Trump once said that even if you have a very good product but your buyers don’t know about it, you are only wasting your time and money. Make sure to have a telemarketing plan in place that can effectively increase your brand awareness.

5. It’s more about your company. Truly successful marketing campaign requires mastering the art of reaching out and making a connection with the customers. You have to strike the right balance of really helping the consumers while at the same time promoting your brand. A savvy salesperson knows who to win prospects by talking more about them and less about the company.

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Jam Dwade works as marketing consultant for Live2Sell Group. Live2Sell is an offshore outsourcing company offering top notch call center, telemarketing and sales lead generation solutions to businesses worldwide. To learn more about the company, visit us at