Teaching is a very creative field. It requires a lot of dedication from a teacher to give his full strength into the making of an intelligent mindset. In fact a teacher is responsible for honing the talent of a child. It is with the help of the intellect of a great teacher, that a student gets to know the absolute difference between the right and wrong. A teacher is further responsible to generate the interest of the child in his subject. He in fact makes it worthy for his students to take part in the class. For all this effort and to provide constant training to the students, the teacher himself needs improvement at every step.

To be able to guide his students correctly, a teacher needs to keep himself enlightened. Further, to make this happen, a teacher has to keep learning. It can be from books, libraries, additional courses, or even his students. Most importantly, a teacher should not form barriers around him and always welcome a new source of information. Furthermore, a teacher can achieve this progress by a number of means, few of which are explained below:

1. Continuing to learn

A teacher should at no point in his life stop to learn. He should in fact register himself to varied advanced courses of his field. There are many courses which are for experienced workers and teachers in the universities of the globe. The time duration of such courses can be short or long. A teacher can enroll himself to any of the relative courses, depending on his availability. Further these courses help the teachers to add feathers to their hat. It also makes them capable of answering all the competitive questions of the students.

Also, by registering himself to advance learning courses, a teacher carves better opportunities for himself and his career. Moreover, a well informed teacher is well accepted and respected by the students. Thus, to make a remarkable place in the mind of the students, even a teacher has to work hard. As for students, growth has no limitations, same is the case for teachers. The only difference is that a teacher has to make extra efforts to establish their presence in the minds of the students.

Further, if a teacher is not willing to register himself to higher educational degrees, he can explore the world of books in the school/ college library itself. There can be situations when the teacher is not able to pursue the future course due to lack of time or family responsibilities. In such a case, he can take the support of library books or the internet and upsurge his knowledge of the subject.

2. Staying positive

One very essential step towards the process of improvement is to stay positive. If a teacher is enthusiastic about his learning activity, then only he can actually catch hold of the essence with great effectiveness. Generally, teachers teach such things to their students. But while they are undergoing the process of learning, they must keep these things in mind. Moreover, accepting changes with a positive attitude always helps to grasp faster and in a much better way.

Further, throughout the day, a teacher goes through high stress levels. This is sometimes due to the chaos of students and often due to the inability to stand true to student’s expectations. In either of the cases, a teacher has to work hard at the expense of his peace. This is to provide a smooth and stress free learning experience to his students.

Therefore, it is mandatory for a teacher to take some time out for himself. This not only prepares him to learn better but also supports him well to handle the difficulties of the day.

3. Open to change

Next, a comprehensive step to progress in life is to be always open towards positive change. This is possible if a person adapts an attitude to listen to others. If the teacher keeps himself open to new techniques of teaching, then he can deliver great lessons to his students. This is not only for learning new teaching technologies. But a teacher also gets to form a positive way forward. This further paves his way to build an educational atmosphere for the students as well.

4. Acting friends to students

Being friends to students is one of the biggest advantages enjoyed by a teacher in his lifetime. It allows the teacher to understand the student’s psychology. Along with this, the teacher also gets to have an overview of the methodologies, with which a teacher can best teacher his students.

Additionally, making students understand in the way they want, makes teaching more joyous and effective. Further this gives teachers the opportunity to closely listen and implement as per the needs of the students. With this, the students also feel comfortable to open up about their problems to the teachers. This exchange of information adds to the learning comfort of the respective students as well as the other class fellows.

5. Respond dutifully to the feedback

One imperative aspect that is crucial for the teachers to adapt new learning methodologies is to carefully collect and act to the feedback. Teaching is a two way communication, which facilitates a scenario of instant feedback. Also, it is the biggest advantage of the teaching profession that it introduces you to the thoughts of the students mind in just a few seconds. It can be in the form of expressions or words. In both the cases, it is the duty of a teacher to comprehend the same clearly and filter. This can bring a positive change in his teaching style.

Adding on, a teacher can also get the feedback from the fellow teachers regarding the developments in the field of teaching. Further, he should always be kind and polite to the students and colleagues. This helps him to ensure a smooth route to success and advancement.

Teaching is undoubtedly one of the most passionate professions that one can opt for. It is the practice of indoctrinating the finest values to the children. To ensure that a child moves in the right direction, the teacher has to himself adopt the path of learning. This course of achievement must be incorporated with a lot of dedication and conviction to achieve the best at every step.

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Jessica Robinson is a woman of words, who brings with her an experience of a decade. She is an educational writer and has even penned down many motivational blogs for various websites. She spills the magic of her thoughts through her blog ‘The Speaking Polymath’. In this blog, she makes the reader experience her management proficiency along with her skill to resolve matters of global importance.